Thai food, as exotic as it is, needs no introduction. The combination of sweet, sour, hot and spicy flavors is what makes this exquisite cuisine so delightful.
Thai food has become highly desirable here in Islamabad, so it comes as no surprise that the capital possesses many great Thai restaurants.
Check out these 3 places to get the best Thai food in Islamabad:

Tiger Temple, Beverly Center

Chef Sana and Shahram are usually on site, sharing the love at this small eatery, known as Tiger Temple. With a refreshing layout of the eatery, stunning presentation, fresh ingredients and taste on point, the restaurant has a wide range of sour and spicy dishes to satisfy your cravings.
Tom Kha Gai, Fish and Scallop Dumplings, Chicken and Mushroom Dumplings, Steamed Lime Fish and Pad Thai are a must try from Tiger Temple.
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Tiramisu, F-7

Tiramisu in Islamabad has a simple but winning combination, serving traditional Thai dishes, created with the finest ingredients in an extravagant and attractive dining area. With the marvelous Thai taste, the atmosphere is totally comfortable and peaceful. If you’re making your way to Tiramisu, make sure to try it’s Clear Tom Yum Soup, with lime, lemon grass, straw mushroom and galangal seasoning, and Creamy Red Thick Curry Chicken, with Lime Leaf & Red Chili.

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Royal Elephant, F-5/1
Fantastic views, delicious food, a warm atmosphere and friendly service come together at Royal Elephant, ensuring that every visitor gets a unique and distant taste of Thailand. With the exquisite dining, the restaurant serves the finest Thai cuisine, made from traditional ingredients perfectly blended together to create an elegant menu. The restaurant’s fine décor, warm ambiance and the delightful Thai cuisine brings the heart of Thailand to the capital. With the marvelous sour and spicy taste accompanying the crushed fresh herbs, their Tom Yam Kung is a must try.

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