The core of Chefling Tales hit the road to discover the best pizzas in Islamabad. We Islamabadis are much diverse when it comes to the taste. Starting from the desi to walaiyti, we enjoy almost every cuisine as long as it satisfies our palate and food craving.

No matter which city or country you belong to, the love for pizza is real. There’s no better feeling in the world than having a warm box of pizza on your lap.


So, here are 3 must-try pie in the capital!

1. Pizza Originale

You may find mouth watering pizzas with delicious sauces across the town, but the authentic Italian flavors with thin crust will only be available at Pizza Originale. From simple flavor of roasted chicken with fresh tomatoes to special pepperoni pizza, Pizza Originale has much variety to address every kind of palette.

Pizza Otignale
  1. Papasallis

This place is proof that pizza is perfect. It’s also a great spot for taking a break while walking through Jinnah Super, Islamabad. The pizzas are hot and fresh, with normal crusts, and are complimented well with a variety of ingredients ranging from Margherita with classic cheese and fresh tomatoes to the special chicken tikka, accompanying chunks of chicken tikka, onion, cheese, and capsicum.

  1. La Pizzeria

La Pizzeria’s pizza is one of the must-tries for any pizza lover in Islamabad, with a flavored crust baked to perfection as the foundation, toppings and then its cheese, it’s all unique and tasty. It offers up far more than pizza, although you’d be remiss not to order one. Our personal favorites are Salame (recommended for spice lovers) and their Chicken tikka to complement our desi craving.

Image: Arshiya Murshad
Image: Arshiya Murshad

So, what did you think of our list? If you’re in town, give our list a try and tell us about it. Also, let us know which spot in Islamabad has your pizza fix.

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