As winter rolls around, we regularly hear enthusiasm about hot chocolate and creamy latte. But for me and probably most of you, tea stays at the top of the list of our favorite wintertime cups.

Not only do we enjoy the taste of a karak chai, there are also many benefits of drinking tea in the winter. While keeping us warm during the colder months of the year, tea keeps us energized throughout the day.

Here we have rounded up some of the capital’s best karak chai for those who want to experience something special.


Chikachino has recently opened its doors in the heart of the capital and has created much hype due to its karak chai and desi snacks! With a selection of teas and the options for delicious savory snacks, this one is surely my favorite spot to get a next-level tea fix in Islamabad.

2. Trail 5 Islamabad

The winter months contain the shortest days of the year. With the sun rising later in the day and setting earlier, it can be difficult to energize in the morning. So, if you’re looking for something more natural, go for an ultimate trekking experience at trail 5 and try Gurr ki chai there at its parking lot. Read more.

3. Gujranwala

There are times where all you want is something timeless and simple, so, enjoy your tea in true desi style while taking in sweeping views of the busy Markaz of F-10, Islamabad!

One of the most affordable options must be Gujranwala, so, you must have to visit it if you are looking for a karak cup of tea, your taste buds will be zinging after experiencing their doodh patti.

4. Chai Chowk

We Pakistanis are a nation of tea lovers and good tea is what gets our day rolling. There is another place in the capital that probably offers one of the best chai in Islamabad. We’re talking about the Chai Chowk. Situated in F-11 Markaz, this little cafe is the place to be for chai lovers in the city. When it comes to tea, chai chowk has it all figured out. The interior is nice and cozy with board games available for you to enjoy while you sip your tea.

Follow the link to read extended review of Chai chowk

If you think we have missed your favorite tea spot, let us know in the comments below!

Duaa Asif

Business student, marketing enthusiast, foodie and a story teller!