For those of us, who need to provide a cake for a family gathering, birthdays, work functions, we’ve rounded up some unique bake and cake shops in Islamabad for your viewing pleasure. And just a fair warning, you may not want to read this on an empty stomach.

We have listed below 4 bakery shops in Islamabad you absolutely need to know about.

 Kitchen Cuisine

Consider avoiding the whole getting calories complex, if you’re gluten-free. For everyone else, it’s a wonderland of cheesecakes, luxurious range of cakes, and dozens of pastries, including tiramisu and lemon crunch — get one of each.

Address: F-7, Jinnah Super.

 Rakaposhi Bakery

Out of a great corner of Islamabad at Serena Hotel, Rakaposhi Bakery is producing some of the finest cakes and bakery items in the city right now. Considering this hot season, strawberry gateau is a must try for Rakaposhi.

Address: G-5, Serena Hotel.

 Bakeworld Bakers

This bakery has made its mark in baking awesome cakes, delicious pastries, doughnut bread, snacks and much more. They use the best ingredients and have the capability of satisfying that sweet tooth of yours.

Address: Jinnah Super Market F-7 Markaz.


Cinnabon has been entertaining customers with their perfectly tasty cakes. Their seasonal offerings, including cinnamon rolls, and the baked goods are also worth a taste.

Address: Jinnah Avenue, Islamabad

Since there are countless places to indulge your sweet tooth here, we’ve narrowed it down to a short list of the best cake bakeries in Islamabad, so if we have missed a great cake shop in Islamabad, use the comments box below.

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