The debate of whether coffee is better than chai has existed for as long as caffeine heads have. But you all have to agree that there’s something about coffee you just cannot deny. Hot coffee on a chilly night is enough to soothe those nerves and warm the heart. Coffee makes memories for us. The capital is ice cold in the winters, and that calls for some amazing hot coffee. These five places are my personal favorites when it comes to the coffee in Islamabad.

Coffee Planet

You will find Coffee Planet everywhere — sectors F-6, F-11 and Bahria Town. And this is a blessing, since their coffee is worth dying for. Their beautiful mugs are filled with frothy hot coffee and a legendary barista art that calms the soul. I have a staunch belief that Coffee Planet’s coffee enhances my dying red blood cell count.

coffee-planet-coffeeImage: World for Travel

Mocca Coffee

Mocca Coffee, situated in the heart of Kohsar Market, is the best place to be for your sweet tooth. And of course, when you need some great coffee on a chilly night. They have great seating, both indoors and outside. Have your coffee craving catered to perfectly, while resisting the temptation to order something chocolaty as well from the dessert line.


Espresso Lounge

None of us can forget the hype when we heard Espresso Lounge was making it’s way to Islamabad to give us a taste of their legendary coffee. From their Single Espresso to their French Latte, this spot offers a wide range of coffees to satisfy all aficionados.

11696600_10154044103308852_5669283201737506380_o-2Image: Espresso Lounge

Burning Brownie

Already well known for their brownies, cakes, and pastries, did you know that Burning Brownie also serves one of the most heart-melting coffees in town? Enjoy your cup in their redone interior and let the feelings of contentment wash over you.

15085674_1157728620971621_6173887818493977007_nImage: Mahnur Zia

Yes, i said it. McDonald’s serves one of the best coffees in town. Period. You can have it inside or grab one in drive-thru. It’s a rich coffee with a mesmerizing chocolate flavor that makes you crave for more on those cold nights.

mcdonaldsImage: McDonald’s 

So here we are folks, our five favorite coffees in Islamabad. Keep yourself warm this winter and let us know which place serves the best coffee in the capital.