A foodie or not, anyone will agree to the fact that the best food is one that comes from home. Home cooked food is healthy and tastes better as it is cooked with love and sincerity. With increasing number of home chefs entering into the food catering business, there is a lot of talented cooks in the market. What the market needs now are platforms that help build the businesses of these home chefs.

Chefling Kitchen– part of Chefling Tales is an Islamabad based food catering platform does just that. We believe in empowering home chefs around the city by marketing the best dishes they can prepare. One another focus Chefling Kitchen Islamabad has is bringing you fresh home cooked food at your office during lunch. We also cater small family events or office meetings. In case you are craving aloo parathas at lunch, visit www.cheflingkitchen.com to place your orders right away:

Here are 5 top dishes in the Chefling Kitchen Islamabad’s menu:

Chicken Karahi

Chef Maryam’s chicken karahi is one of the most loved dish on our menu, she prepares perfectly tender chicken with a balanced array of spices.  What would be better than fresh and piping hot karahi during lunch hour at the office?

Channa Chaat

Healthy and yummy channa chaat prepared from scratch, everything in chef’s Maryam’s channa chaat is prepared at home,  from the chutney the papri on the top. This is one item you don’t want to miss.


In case you are craving some freshly cooked vegetables, baingan from our kitchen ‘Dastarkhan’ is one dish you need to order. Masala fried baingan served with homemade roti is perfect lunch deal.

Home Made Bran Burger

Dastarkhan also caters yummy homemade burgers: fresh and juicy chicken patty, a greek yogurt based secret sauce and a filling of fresh salad. While the best thing about these burgers is, they bun used is bran bread. A burger can’t get healthier than this.

Chicken Bihari Boti

Yet another yummy dish from one other vendor ‘Natasha’ is Bihari boti. Tender chicken Bihari boti is out of this world and once you taste this you might not want to stop.


Biryani from Spice Queen 

The name spice queen itself tells you that biryani from this home chef truly rules your taste buds form its spices. If you are looking for biryani that lives up to its name you need to order it through Chefling Kitchen’s website right away!

There is much more to bite on at Chefling Kitchen, you can pre-order banana bread, marble cake, cupcakes, and cinnamon rolls for tea time. Order here right away!

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