Summers are here and so is the desi drink of the sub-continent, Lassi (buttermilk). Lassi is a blend of milk and yogurt either sweet or salty, depends on you totally. Every milk shop has their lassis ready to drink so we make sure that no one misses out on it.

Here are 6 of our favorite spots in Islamabad where you can grab the yummiest lassi ever.

Pait Pooja

Pait Pooja is situated in G-11 Markaz, Sachal Sarmast Road to be precise and serves one of the best lassis ever. Pait Pooja is renown for its flavors and buds exciting parathas (flat bread) while lassi doubles the taste and fun.

Khoka Khola

What better place to enjoy this thandi lassi then in Islamabad’s desi hub? Along with the regular desi dishes that this little eatery offers, it has one of the best glasses of thandi lassi which cannot be found anywhere in Islamabad. This cold glass is delicious, and perfect for those hot days of summer.

Naan Warka

Naan Warka is situated in F-11 and has grabbed a good name when it comes to serving Lassi. They make sure that every bite of food mixed with lassi escalates your food cravings and makes you feel on cloud nine.

Khyber Dodai

Khyber Dodai is situated in F-6 and is my personal favorite restaurant to spend time with my family. They serve their chilled ice lassi and call it Waska Che Yakh She. People all around Islamabad especially visit Khyber Dodai for their divine lassi.

Mantu Gul Kitchen

Still remember how much hype it created when Mantu Gul Kitchen opened with breathtaking view due to its perfect location. With Pizza Paratha catching everyone’s eye, the meethi lassi took it to the next level. And the quality is still the same.


Chatha’s has immensely gained popularity in desi cuisine, recently. From parathas to reshmi kebabs, every single item of the menu has exciting sizzlers for the taste buds. It all ends up with the yummiest thandi lassi. Every drop that goes down the chord makes it worth while.


Editor’s Note: 

Khoka Khola has recently been added to our list due to our user’s choice. Lassi at Khoka Khola has indeed the power of fighting the hotness, we are most likely to face in the coming days!

Think we’ve missed a great Islamabad’s thandi lassi? Use the comments box below.