In Islamabad, it was another weekend of gobbling and munching and this time it was at the Coca-Cola food festival 2017. After Lahore the Cokefest made it’s way to Islamabad Polo club, Lake view and where there is food there are Chefling foodies.

Open air space, live music, and all the tempting food stalls got us going and we ticked off a few, (ok more than a few) food vicinities off our bucket list.

Here are our favorite food stalls Chefling Tales made its way to the weekend:

Mr Waffles

We not only got to see bubble waffles in making but got to indulge in chocolate drenched bubbly waffles. one item not to be missed for your sweet tooth cravings.


Peshawar Kabab House

Pipping hot seekh kabab served with mint chutney in the cold weather really won our hearts but we were not done for the day!


Just the sight of bhel puri in making tingled our taste buds and if you find yourself at #cokefest, don’t miss out this stall.


Chunky chewy chocolate chip cookies are really the solution to everything or at least will keep you from thinking about anything else, Karamel makes sure to serve you just those.

Aloo Kacahloo

Haters gonna hate but the potatoes gonna potate! Aloo is the love affair that goes well with almost anything and so we took our chances here with the tornado fries. Started by a home chef it served the famous tornado fries and some yummy fish and chips!


Cheflings just can’t keep away from desserts and Sucre a new local startup made sure of that. An awesome line up of creamy chocolaty desserts. We loved the chocolate cake! I wish we could eat the apple crumble hot in the oven!

Arif Chatkhra Chicken

This one made it to our favorites, Arif chatakhra chicken topped with green chilies served with romali roti. Hotness all the way until the end.

Mint To be

The best comes at last and sometimes it’s mint to be. We ended our day with their break up brownies and let’s just say they lived up to there name! All the other desserts looked amazing, only if we had more space in our bellies.


Irum Rehman’s Chapli kabab

We got to taste the yummiest chapli kababs ever, Irum Rehman’s chapli kabab were so good and served nice and hot that we couldn’t wait to eat. Thus apologies for the picture.

We couldn’t resist adding the most dedicated restaurateur at the cokefest. Waqar Chattha the owner of Chatthas spent his birthday while grilling kababs at the cokefest. The very next stall to Chatthas 401 Bakers prepared a special birthday cake that explains it all,

Waqar Chattha celebrating birthday at the cokefest

Bakers 401 did a great job, those mini kababs look delicious. 

Source: Facebook, Foodies R Us

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