This weekend, Cheflings decided to head down to the chocolate festival, which takes place at Pak-China Friendship Center every year in December. Being a chocoholic myself, I decided it’s time to sink in some real chocolate snacks and bring you the best of it.

So here it goes…

Entering the Pak-China friendship center there is a family festival taking place, on the upper floor, there is an automobile show taking place, and opposite to it is where the all the stalls displaying chocolate treats await.

Sweet Treats

The first chocolaty treat we sank our sweet tooth into chocolate drizzled marshmallows by Sweet Treats. Not too sweet, so just the way we like it.


Chocolate Caramel mousse by Caketopia was amazing, it had a top layer of chocolate mousse and the bottom layer was caramel, while it was topped with M & Ms and crushed Oreos. Sounds a bit too heavy, but it was quite delectable till the very last spoon.

The rainbow cake by Caketopia looks good if you have a sweet tooth.

Cream cheese cupcake at the same stall is not to be missed.

Wake & Bake

The colorful chocolate treats by Wake & Bake were over the top, the unicorn candy is a must try.

Bake Bees

This chocolate chip cookie pie was a bit tricky, but it’s rare to find these in Islamabad, so visit the Bake Bees stall for your slice and be the judge.

A simple chocolate milo milkshake here, nothing too special and just a chilled drink.

Abey Khao

We were glad to run into our favorite stall “Abey Khao”, unfortunately, they were all out of their famous brownies. If you visit their stall, you will have fun ordering the chocolate treats in sign language.

It won’t be that difficult and is definitely worth a try

And why not?

Ms. Cupcake

Even in this cold weather, you cant keep me away from ice cream, Ms. Cupcake were serving flavors of homemade ice cream. I opted for the unicorn flavor, glad to find a cream based ice cream that is not icy and just frozen.


Perfectly seasonal orange and chocolate cupcakes by ShakaDeli looked really good, but we have had enough of sweets.

Hazelnut Tart also by Shaka Deli

In case you are overwhelmed by all that sweets, here are some savory to indulge in.


I actually really loved this lasagna and would recommend this if you are here, the cheesy lasagna was by home chefs KK. They serve a variety of stuff that does not just include sweets.


We were glad to come across some fresh fish and chips being served at one of the stalls “Baramda“. They were hot and crispy and served with BBQ sauce. The fries were fresh and crispy, the fish could use a bit more marination or could be fixed if half a lemon was squeezed before serving.

The chocolate festival is worth visiting if you can take the crowd and get yourself around the stalls.

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