#Eat has recently opened its doors in Islamabad and has changed the food scene in the capital. With a range of Pan-Asian, Thai, Chinese and Continental cuisines, the eatery offers a blend of taste, excellent service, and overall, an ultimate experience.

First Impression

The dining area is peaceful, with a decent decor. Outside the windows are busy streets and busy lives, this visual experience makes the wait for food harder.

Our Order

Given the long menu, it was simple and descriptive.

We started off with an appetizer, which were Rich Cheese Balls. For the main course, we had their Thai Red Curry, served with rice, Silk Prawns and the Chicken Bowl, that has rice, noodles, chicken chili dry and wings, accompanied by a soft drink.


The staff was very jovial and accommodating. Service was quick, however it can be even quicker, within a few minutes, our piping hot appetizers were in front of us and later, we were served with our scrumptious main order.

About the Food

The food at #Eat is phenomenal. Each dish had an exceptional and unique taste.

Rich Cheese Balls

The cheese balls had the perfect crispy coating, stuffed with the heavenly cheese.

Thai Red Curry

Thai Red Curry was the perfect balance of all Thai spices, with a healthy chicken portion in the curry, served with white rice. This Red Curry with Chicken is aromatic and scrumptious, and those spicy notes to the curry were just heavenly.

Silk Prawns

The Silk Prawns were mesmerizing, which were accompanied by rich mayo sauce and crispy rice noodles. The presentation was delightful, which made us delve into this amazing food experience.

Chicken Bowl

The Chicken Bowl had everything, and as soon as we were served with it, we couldn’t wait to devour the uniqueness of this platter. My own bowl had both rice and noodles (you can go for either rice or noodles, or both), Crispy wings that were dipped in a tangy sauce (wings or spring rolls can be ordered), chicken chili dry (Manchurian was also an option) and a soft drink. Each food item was charming and on point, while the blend was captivating.

Value for Money

Rich Cheese Balls: PKR 375

Silk Prawns: PKR 750

Thai Red Curry: PKR 575

Chicken Bowl: PKR 580

Overall Verdict

I highly recommend this place to everyone looking for delicious, scrumptious and economical Thai, Chinese or Asian dishes, served in an ambiance which makes you fall in love with the cuisines. The best thing about the eatery is it’s location, which makes it a perfect spot to relax and enjoy good food.


Shop 4, Block 12-D, Jinnah Super, Islamabad.

Be sure to visit the eatery and don’t forget to share your experiences below!

Duaa Asif

Business student, marketing enthusiast, foodie and a story teller!