How long were you up last night because your feet were cold? Or that you delay the washroom trips because even the thought of any contact with water is spine-chilling. Are your hands always cold during winters? If you are one of those people who hate winters because you just seem to feel the chill a bit too much then read out this: Your body can create more heat if you eat the right food.

And here are 5 food items that will help you stop the shiver:

1. Turnip (Shaljam)

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Turnip is a root vegetable and the reason it keeps your body warm is it digests slowly as most root vegetables do. The slow digestion is the main function we need. Here is the delicious recipe for shaljam (Turnip curry).

2. Mustard (Sarsoon)

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Sarsoon in any form is good to create the heat that helps your body stay warm. Next time you eat your salad make sure to drizzle mustard oil on it or better yet Sarsoon ka saag (mustard leaves) with butter and makai ki roti (corn dough bread) is already the best dish for winters.

3. Chili

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You need chili more than anything if you want to keep your body warm during winters. Capsaicin is the compound found in chili that helps to boost your metabolism thus creating heat within the body. It also fights build up fat and this process also creates body heat. So next time you make sure to add an extra black pepper to your soup.

4. Ginger

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Ginger is known to promote blood flow in the body, a function that creates body heat. A cup of ginger tea every day will act like a warm hug to your body. It also helps strengthens the resistance power of your body thus keeping away cold and flu.

Remember: Don’t overcook ginger as the compounds in it evaporate.

5. Iced Coffee

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It may sound absurd but iced coffee proves to be more effective in keeping you warm than hot chocolate or cappuccino. The reason simply being that iced coffee contains more caffeine than hot coffee and thus brings about warmth in your body. If you still prefer hot chocolate, make sure it’s made of dark chocolate which contains more cocoa.

Eat right and stay warm. Happy winters.


6 Surprising Foods That Keep Your Body Warmer

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