Being a food blogger has one great advantage, we get invited to taste the food and then write about it. Sounds perfect, isn’t it?  Yes, it is!

When we say tasting we don’t really mean take a bite, roll our eyes, give a few expression and comment,  we are no Gordon Ramsey so we don’t just taste and tell, we feast and blog. Which is what we did last week at Street One Cafe!

We got invited to Street 1 cafe located in Kohsar market – F 6 Islamabad. Street – 1 has an extensive menu, you can have anything from paninis to steaks, pizzas, burgers, seafood and heavenly desserts.  It is one of the spots that serve the best and extensive breakfasts in the capital including egg benedict, french toasts, pancakes and more.

Out of their menu, we were invited to taste their range of burgers and we did chomp down 5 of them (yes you read it right FIVE!) and also a stellar dessert that stole our hearts! Read on to find all about it.

So what makes a good burger for us?

A fresh bun, juicy patty, and the magic sauce! If we wish we could have the caramelized onions in every burger with chunky layers of tomatoes and fresh salad, we would always! Also, the first bite of the burger tells you how the journey would be!

Mushroom Beef Burger

A chunky beef patty topped with mushrooms and a sauce dripping down! A thick juicy beef patty in the middle … what else can you pray for! We were so hungry that we chopped down half the burger without realizing we had a  5 burger tasting to go through! But that’s also because we loved the beef patty! It was done to perfection! One suggestion we had was to use another kind of mushrooms to make it less chewy! (However, let’s not forget we are in Pakistan and sourcing good produce is a headache!)

Rating – 4/5

 Chicken Crunch

A saucy burger with a tenderly fried chicken patty, caramelized onions, lettuce, tomatoes, and cheese. The secret green sauce had us wondering what it was? It gave the burger quite a balance.

Rating – 4/5

Cheese Burger

A grilled beef burger with basic cheese, pickled baby cucumber, caramelized onions, and tomatoes was good enough for its well-cooked beef patty.

Ratings – 3.5/5

Stuffed Chicken Burger

This burger had us all ears, and we gave our taste buds the best shot at judging what the juices were that came out of the stuffed chicken patty. We got quite right at it – the patty was stuffed with a fusion of feta cheese and herbs.

Rating – 4/5

Buffalo Chicken

Let’s just start out by saying the buffalo chicken burger was our favorite: it had a tangy flavor which came from a secret sauce. The deep-fried chicken patty was infused with the saucy, tender and sour smack that we loved.

Rating – 4.5/5

Each of the burgers was served with either piping hot potato wedges, crispy golden fries or fried onion rings. our favorite dips were honey mustard and garlic mayo.

Our final Verdict!

The buns were quite fresh but I would do a little less with the kalonji in those!

The end is always the best after we were done with burgers and couldn’t move anymore, a beautiful creamy layered carrot cake started back at us.  It not just looked good was oomph upon tasting and the silence as we enjoyed it said it all.

Madiha Hamid

Chefling-in-Chief Founder Chefling Tales. A foodie that loves to travel and explore different flavors of Pakistan and the world. She loves to cook recipes that are different , yet simple. She wants people to know and understand the beauty of Pakistani Regional Cuisines @madihamid