Islamabadis are FINALLY catching upto the trend of small eateries focused on big flavors.  We love ordering from small joints as you get clean food, these places use good ingredients, great recipes and deliver value for money.

Hakka Bakka’s talented home chef reached out to us to experience the food she is preparing. She came in with loads of food options and we loved tasting the food, giving our feedback and hearing her Chefling Tale! We got the food delivered by lunchtime in our office and as the food arrived our table was filled was everything from Thai Soup to chowmein.

5 best dishes of Hakka Bakka you should order right away:

Chicken Chili Dry

Tender chicken strips sauteed in crushed red chili peppers and green chilies exactly the way people who eat spicy food like it. They also have this in an option of beef. It was a good enough serving for 2 – 3 people and so far the best dish on their menu.

Manchurian and Fried rice

Saucy Manchurian curry had its sweetness complemented with Vegetable fried rice thus achieving the right balance of the dish. Though we would love some more crunchy vegetables in the fried rice and if the chicken in the Manchurian were bite-sized.


Hakka Bakka prepares their chowmein from the scratch, which means even the noodles are prepared at home. The lightly black peppered vegetables and chicken made the whole serving quite content for 2 – 3 people. If you are looking for chowmein that lifts your mood this is just the place to call and order.

Thai Soup

The Thai soup serving was also quite enough for 2 people, it kicks the taste buds with its lightly sour flavor and the well-cooked rice will fill you up. Although it doesn’t need extra spices but you can always adjust it to your taste with the soya or chili sauce.

Chicken Corn Soup

The chicken corn soup was good to taste, it’s consistency could use more thickness and more corn is always better. The balance of flavors again could be adjusted with more chili and vinegar they provide.

Overall the quality and quantity of the servings were quite impressive and when it comes to Hakka Bakka could be the closest to real Chinses in the town.

Ramsha Rehan

Writer, Passionate Reader, Analyzer and dreamer. Loves food and travelling. Looking for an escape.