They say you can’t buy happiness but you can buy an ice cream. I have a major soft spot for ice cream, so it’s very important to get the best ice cream from town. Now that winter is gone and we are saying hello to the hot summers, a good ice-cream is the essential need of us human beings.

We’ve put together 4 spots of top-notch ice-cream parlors in Islamabad serving unforgettable frozen cones and ice creams.

1. Manolo Gelato

Need a creamy and delicious gelato treat? Manalo Gelato’s got your back by providing a huge range of yummilicious flavors with an aura of completing your experience. Not only is it intensely flavored but it is fresh too.

Image: Facebook

2. Cold Stone

They not only play with the ice cream but also have the audacity to level up your excitement. Situated at the food court, Safa Gold Mall, Cold Stone is known to serve the unique experience and an ultimate indulgence.

3. Guilty Pleasure

With a blend of around 30 flavors and delightful toppings, their sinful ice cream rolls are very, very delicious! With a great presentation and a winning combination of flavors, these rolls are creamy and super delightful, so if you haven’t tried it yet, consider yourself unfortunate.

Image: Guilty Pleasure/ Facebook

 4. The Ice Factory

Located at Centaurus mall, The Ice Factory is known to fulfill all your icy needs. Be it their unique ice-creams or their flavorful icy treats, the Ice Factory holds a special place in the hearts of its customers. It refers to the flavors perfect for those hot days when you need something satisfying and cool.

Think we’ve missed a great Islamabad ice-cream parlor? Use the comments box below.

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