I have a confession to make! I am a Caseophile! That is the term coined for cheese addicts! Are you one? Many people not just love cheese but are addicted to it and they want it in almost anything they eat.  Winters are here and everyone loves a cozy environment and something warm to eat so I picked a list of 5 of my favorite joints around the capital, where you can go and satisfy your cheese cravings.

The Cheese Factor

Cheese Factor is located in Select One Market, F-11. The place is painted vibrant yellow which represents the love of cheese, It’s a cozy little diner with a limited place to accommodate people. The ambiance and dining experience is always very pleasant. Their deep-dish Chicago style pizza is very delicious. We tried the “Fajita tikka duo DD & Beef loaded DD”. Their specialty is the Hawaiian pizza but we chose the former ones because those flavors are available at almost every pizza place and it helps in comparing the flavors. Both the pizzas looked appetizing, tasted good and were filled generously with cheese. You get a mouthful amount of cheese flowing out of the pizza right into your mouth with every bite you take along, You also taste the crispy edges of the pizza along with sufficient amount of chicken or beef. Cheese strings oozing out when you lift the pizza slice is what I describe as an ART.

Cheese Factor gives 20% off to Bahria and Air University students every Monday and Thursday whereas students of NUST get this discount every Tuesday and Wednesday.In a nutshell, it’s a great value for money especially if you are a student!


  • (7-inch) Rs. 570 Fills 2 tummies
  • (10 inches) Rs. 1390 Fills 4 tummies
  • (13 inches) Rs. 1790 Fills 5-6 tummies

Naan Warka

In Pushto language, Warka means “give” which sounds better as we are talking about food, that too cheese. This eatery is also situated in F-11 next to Tehzeeb where you can get your cheese cravings fulfilled. Naan Warka is a very calm and welcoming spot. They have a wall where you can leave your comments and the dining hall is furnished with wooden chairs and tables. Their cheese naan is generously filled with cheese which can ideally fill one tummy per naan but the taste buds will want more.


1 serving of naan –  Rs.250

Chicago’s Deep Dish Pizza

Chicago’s Deep Dish Pizza is situated in G-8 and is run by talented brother and sister. You can either pick your order from the spot or get it delivered to your address. We loved the pizza, say teensy-weensy more than the one at The Cheese Factor as it had a home-cooked touch to it. The style of pizza is evident by the name although it was pretty heavy due to the cheese filling in it. We also tried chicken tikka to be on the safe side, since it’s a common flavor and can be compared to almost every pizza place in town. The pizza looked mouth-watering and had a flowy, buttery, cheesy taste to it. Along with the crunchy crust, enough to complement with the lava of cheesy robust going in your mouth along with the chicken.


Small (10-inch) Rs. 1300 Fills 2 stomachs

Medium(12-inch) Rs. 1500 Fills 4 stomachs

Large(14-inch) Rs. 1900 Fills 6 stomachs

Cock n Bull

Image source: Groupin.pk

Cock n Bull is situated in F-7 as well as F-11. The sitting area is average in both the outlets but the food quality is excellent. Cock and Bull is famous for its burgers and steaks and has some of the cheesiest items on their menu – the cheese chicken chunks are one of our favorites.  They are crispy on the outside and filled with cheese on the inside. Cheese comes flowing out and it is quite food orgasmic.  Two cheese filled chicken chunks are served with the perfect combo of fries and coleslaw. It has a touch of butter too which compliments the cheese even better and gives it a strong dominant taste with the tender cooked juicy chicken with a crispy outer.

Budget: 1 serving – Rs.400(approx.)

Burning Brownie

Image source: Burning Brownie Facebook

I always carry a knife in case I run into a cheesecake or something ya know! 😉 Every once in a while, you get compelled to give in to your dessert cravings because life is boring without a little sweetness. This place is perfect if you are a cheese-lover and got a soft spot for desserts in your heart. Burning brownie is famous for their cheesecakes.  Celebrities are often found to be enjoying desserts on the spot, Imran Khan is frequently spotted there. Maybe he is a cheese-head as well.

Image source: Facebook

The theme of the place is quite a modern one fit for the young and hip crowd. They have a lot of funky frames on the walls, and a bike’s handle pinned to one of the walls. Soft English music is usually being played in the background which makes a great atmosphere in the winters. Apart from just the normal cheesecake, they have a whole range that includes “Rasmalai cheesecake and a cheesecake shake as well”.

We tasted the classic cheesecake slice and it was straight outta Heaoven(heaven and oven)  😉 All of these cheesy items here are a treat to your taste buds along with great hygiene factor. It’s overall a very nice experience to sit there and have your cheese desires along with the sweet tooth satisfied.

Budget: 1 classic cheese slice, Rs. 400 Satisfies one sweet tooth per serving

Enjoy a cheesy weezy winter!

Zarak Khan

I am Zarak Khan, 21, from Peshawar living in Islamabad. I am a little overweight due to my foodie nature. I am pursuing a Bachelor's of Accounting & Finance degree. Writing food blogs has always been on my bucket-list that Chefling tales has very kindly helped me check off. Life's too short to not enjoy good food, so put on your seatbelt as we take off in hunt of good food in Pakistan. Cheers!