Are you a budget freak like me? Food in the capital is tempting, and by the end of the month, we foodies are in trouble. Well don’t worry, this time your pocket money is saved. I have some great places for hi-tea, where your budget won’t go out of limit.

Whether you are a budget freak or a student with restricted pocket money, every single victim fights the usual battle with meeting the desires of food with a limited budget, and when it comes to Islamabad, it says even the addition of a single fine green mint leaf to the meal adds up to Rs. 10.

So hi-tea under Rs. 750 with up to 40 dishes? Well now take a deep breath and read on.

In today’s blog, we are recommending you 3 amazing hi-tea spots in Islamabad, where you can eat under Rs. 750, perfect for treating buddies, a meet up with old friends, or even a family gathering.

  1. Nandara: The Sight (E-11/4, Service road)

Well Nandara is a Pushto word, meaning “the sight”. Just like the name, their hi-tea is worth a sight. Nandara offers a hi-tea buffet, with up to 30 dishes in only Rs. 699/per, including tax. Well wait, DON’T BE AFRAID or feel fooled by the “per” word, it’s been a month since Nandara raised its rate from Rs. 649 to 699 just because of it’s serving, as it offers a wide range of fresh salad, almost all side snacks served with tea, sweet dishes, and even a few main courses like pasta, fried rice or chow mien with tea/green tea. If compared with other hi-tea, with tax, it makes a total of almost Rs.1300 with a single platter, where hi-tea for two in Nandara will cost Rs. 1398/- with up to 30 dishes for a WHOLE 3 HOURS from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm. Perfect for parties and treats.

  1. Des Perdes: The Hub (E-11/3)

It’s the third branch of Des Perdes in the twin cities, which, to be honest or blunt is more like a Shadi Hall, and you might not like the outer look, but believe me, it’s hi-tea buffet (more like a desi lunch/dinner buffet) is worth your every single penny. In Rs. 750/per including tax, it offers a huge variety of up to 40 dishes, including salads, snacks, sweets, 2 to 3 main courses and even roghni naan/roti, with tea/green tea from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm. It is perfect for desi food hunters and family gatherings.

  1. Monal: The Delight (any branch)

Either Monal Pir Sohawa or Monal Downtown, it is said to be the founder of the single meal platter of the capital, every food house is said to be replicating the in-budget individual platter of Monal, so is the story of it’s hi-tea platter. Monal started with only Rs. 475/per including tax, which is raised to Rs. 545/per. It offers 2 types of hi-tea platter, where one is Pakistani and the other is continental, both are served in a 4-compartment dish, with a choice of tea, green tea or coffee from 3:00 – 7:00 pm, perfect for usual meet-ups.

Now eat well by managing your budget with quality hi-tea in the capital.

Maria Sherazi

"A girl of 21, balancing life through food therapy, 5 feet 6-inch live calorie calculator who believes healthy is classic and knows the economics of meeting maximum desires of food with a limited budget."