Have you ever received aloo in your mail? Well, some people have and it is all a marketing strategy.

They say food has no soul, unless you bring some soul to it. Thanks to the witty people in our country, the food scene is quite upbeat. We usually don’t just get food, but an ultimate experience, including ambiance, staff friendliness, presentation, and many other things. But what if we tell you that there’s something more few eateries are offering. Apart from the experience, some people are striving hard to make us jovial by introducing unique strategies.

Johnny & Jugnu’s marketing strategy has been trending on social media, because people are receiving aloo in their mail, like literally. As if their scrumptious food wasn’t enough to tempt us, they are connecting with their customers on a greater level, with these exclusive strategies.

Kundi na kharkha seedha aloo kha!

Hope you get the message, because it is pretty obvious, aloo is Bae!

What’s better than finding a mail with mysterious information!

The next time you want to send someone a secret message, contact Johnny & Jugnu.

Here are some more:

This is not the first time Johnny & Jugnu is in the limelight for its punning marketing approach. The time when they featured their burgers in this advertisement was an edgy move.

They not just win our hearts with their witty marketing, but they make sure that your food gets to you the way you want it.

 When your name is on your food bag

What do you think about the marketing strategies of Johnny and Jugnu? All of this made want some aloo now. Pass me those fries!

Duaa Asif

Business student, marketing enthusiast, foodie and a story teller!