Craving authentic, scrumptious, and mouthwatering Afghani cuisine? Kabul Restaurant has got your back. The restaurant has lived up to the hype it has created, by serving one of the most delightful Afghani specialties in town.

First Impression

If you are planning to visit the eatery or just passing by, the live making of Afghani tikkas and barbecue is enough to tempt your cravings. When you go in, prepare yourself for the usual Afghan dining decor.

Our Order

Going through all the headings on the menu, we ordered every special dish from every section. There were no appetizers on the menu, so we shifted to the main course. We ordered Afghani Tikka, Chicken Boti, Kabuli Pulao, Mantoo, Afghani Naan, and on top of that, cold drinks.


Prepare yourself to experience some desi services in Kabul Restaurant. The staff is very accommodating and jovial. The service was quick, timely, and on point. Even when we got our piping hot food, the staff members kept on coming to us, asking if we needed anything.

Let’s Talk about Food

Kabul restaurant, as the name suggested, is bringing some Afghani cuisines straight from Kabul. With all the popular Afghani dishes in its menu, Kabul Restaurant has some special, scrumptious, and exquisite platters for us.

Afghani Tikka

Afghani Tikka is a heavenly specialty of Asian cuisine. The tikkas were tender and freshly prepared, and were rich, considering the ingredients, and tasted delicious with the green chutney, accompanying Afghani naan.

Chicken Boti

Chicken boti are the most mouthwatering chicken bites. The taste was on point, the barbecue notes were perfect, and the dish was juicy and cooked to perfection.

Qabuli Pulao

Most people here call it ‘Meetha Pulao’, but it is always fascinating to see the blend of fried carrots mixed with golden or black currants and fried almonds. The Qabuli Pulao at Kabul Restaurant is one of the best Qabui pulaos I had in the capital. The ingredients are fresh, and the taste of each ingredient is delicate and prominent.


Mantoo was the special Afghani dish in the menu. There were dumplings with beef filling in it, and topped with dahi, chaat masala, and chanay ki daal. The small dumplings with spicy beef filled in it, was perfectly served as a starter.

This exquisite food was finished on some satisfying note of green tea, which happened to be a perfect ending to the Afghani food adventure.

Value for Money

Kabul Restaurant offers this amazing food in an affordable value of money. We were 3 people, and had these amazing dishes in about Rs. 2500.

Afghani Tikka: PKR 520 per dozen.

Chicken Boti: PKR 600 per dozen.

Qabuli Pulao: PKR 390.

Mantoo (Beef Dumplings): PKR 410.

Afghani Naan: PKR 20 each.

Overall Verdict

I highly recommend this place to anyone looking for authentic, scrumptious, and economical Afghani cuisine across the city. Apart from food, the service, the staff friendliness, and ambiance are all the perks that come with dining in Kabul restaurant. The restaurant is a perfect place to go, when you need a little break from the usual burger and steak. So be sure to visit, if you haven’t already.

Duaa Asif

Business student, marketing enthusiast, foodie and a story teller!