Our favorite chef personality and the queen of cooking recipes and hacks Zubaida Apa, departed from this world! Zabaida apa had been teaching us everything that happens behind the kitchen counter from Pakistani to continental recipes, cooking hacks, beauty and health tip through her cooking shows on Masala Tv. All of it is what now stays backs with us as a memory. She has guided two generation of Pakistani home cooks!

The world is saddened by the news of her death and social media is filled with condolences to her family by her celebrity fans.

In the loving memory of Zubaida apa here are 10 of our favorite recipes by her:

Fish Karahi

I remember trying this recipe at home and even the kids who prefer chicken over fish loved it.

Rice Kababs

This is what we loved about her recipes, they sound tricky but tasted great.

Matqa Gosht

For all those who loved her authentic Pakistani cooking!

Tamatar Chutney

If you regularly followed her recipes, chutneys and dip recipes would be at your fingertips!

Qeema Biryani

We learned different variations of biryanis by Zubaida Apa, including Sindhi and Hyderabadi biryani but this was the best of it all.

Yakhi pulao

The ever-tricky yakhi puloa, loved this easy recipe by apa, plus in this one, she also tells you the recipe of kheer.

The best halwa recipes by Zubaida apa

Walnut Halwa

Something we prepared at home just a few days back using her recipe!

Kashmiri Halwa

Khopray ka halwa is yet another unique dessert recipe we tried and loved.


She also taught us to prepare achaar at home, which was quite tangy and long-lasting.

This is her last video message:

You will be missed and will always be alive in our hearts Apa!

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