Pizza Fries seems to be the new favorite food of the nation, the two killer food items combined inventing a total food orgasm with a lot of cheese involved. Although it’s not a totally new introduction to food in the country but it’s trending and a lot of local eateries have introduced pizza fries on the menu.

Karachi, the hub of food in Pakistan is one place where a food trend usually emerges and which is why we listed down the popular spots in Karachi that are serving Pizza Fries.

Bites 4 delight

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A local spot in Karachi where the pizza fries are spot on and you have to wait in a queue to get your hand on these. Karachites are totally head over heels in love with pizza fries from Bites 4 Delight.

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Have you had your cheesy take? Visit their branch at FB Area block 14 Dastagir near budh bazar or at Dhoraji Silani Chowk . A generous serving of pizza fries for Rs. 160.

Big Bash

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The tricky thing about pizza fries is that they turn out to be soggy most often. Big bash is getting popular for fixing it’s pizza fries which are a perfection.  The top layer of melted mozzarella on crispy fries with chunks of chicken, jalapeno and mushroom and all this in just Rs. 230.

Burger in law

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The loaded pizza fries from Burger in law are perfect if you are craving some. They have generous serving which totally falls on the definition of loaded fries for Rs. 200.

Tea Town Cafe

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The Tea Town cafe serves excellent pizza fries and people are recommending it on Facebook food groups. For Rs. 200 you get a good serving and if you like olives go for this one.

Yellow potato

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The pizza fries from yellow potato are a total thumbs up. They don’t have just fries that are topped with mozzarella but the actual concept of the pizza toppings only it’s on fries and for Rs.500. They even have different pizza flavor options to choose from: tikka, supreme, pepperoni, beef. Just look at them.

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All that talk of pizza fries now makes you want to have them right away? which is why is the one we left for the right time. You can get your fresh and hot serving of pizza fries delivery to you at your doorstep.

Did we miss your favorite spot for pizza fries? Let us know.

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