Being as diverse as the city of light can get, the people of this city are blessed with food from almost every ethnicity and region! Be it Italian, Turkish, Thai, Moroccan, Australian, American, Lebanese, Chinese, or Arabian, Karachi has it all. From a number of exclusive authentic restaurants to food festivals for celebrating another country’s delicacies, Karachiites are always blessed with the best. Particularly, the Chinese food scene in Karachi is BOMB DOT COM! After a large number of surveys and trying out the food first hand, we’ve made a list of 7 best Chinese restaurants to dine out with your families!

1. Chop Chop Wok

In terms of the restaurant’s mesmerizing and minimalistic Chinese layout, CHOP CHOP WOK is probably the best place to take your family out to have some one-on-one family time! And not to mention the orgasmic food that’ll leave your taste buds wanting more of that saucy shrimps and spicy tossed egg noodles! Chop Chop Wok is both good on the tongue and good on the pockets!


2. Lotus Court

In terms of authenticity, Lotus Court at Movenpick Hotel (previously Sheraton Hotel) is definitely worthy of being called out! The food at Lotus has always been packed with extremely original and authentic Chinese flavors to satisfy the cravings and hunger of the people who specifically search for authentic Chinese and Pan Asian cuisines! Although it is a little pricey, but so worth every penny, considering the food is literally served in a somewhat majestic Chinese backdrop with the aura of sophistication and class.

Image: Facebook/LotusCourt

3. Golden Dragon

Not exactly a place to dine out, Golden Dragon has always been the favourite place for desi Chinese/Asian food that is only available for delivery! We really wish they would open up a space for the families to pop in and get served with the pipin’ hot food from Golden Dragon, but life works in mysterious ways and we still get pipin’ hot food delivered at our doorsteps. But still, we absolutely love the wontons, Thai soup, Kung pao chicken and authentic Manchurian from Golden Dragon. Absolutely finger licking good food!


4. Jade Garden

Not only does Jade Garden has an extremely mesmerizing setup to leave anyone dazed for days, but also the food is so strictly authentic Chinese that once you get the hang of the flavors, you will never want to get back to the desi Chinese food, like, ever!

Image: Facebook

5. Hakkachine

Hakkachine has bagged a lot of attention in a very short time. The buffet style authentic Chinese food is very rare to find and being super affordable is even more amazing! Hakkachine certainly grabbed my attention for serving authentic dishes like Apple salsa and Fish, Sweat and Sour Seabass, Sesame Beef etc. Hakkachine is now my top priority to try out with my family. And since it’s a buffet, I know for the fact that my family will be more comfortable to try everything a little bit before settling to a favorite!

Image: Sabina Rabbani

6. Tao

Definitely a little on the pricey side, Tao Pan Asian Cuisine brings a number of Asian foods under one roof! If you’re looking for flavours, TAO got your back! From Chinese spring rolls to bombastic dynamite shrimps, Tao will make you pay for all the authenticity they bought with them straight from China!


7. Ginsoy

Extreme Chinese cuisine, as they call it, GINSOY is definitely something to try! For Pakistanis who loves a desi touch in Chinese cuisine, Ginsoy is DEFINITELY worth trying! The Chow Mein, Beef chili dry, and the sweet and tangy cherry chicken are WORTH TRYING with your family and loved ones! Ginsoy has a number of branches and all of them are perfect for dinner dates and lunches since the food is actually affordable and PACKED with flavors! 10/10 would eat daily!

Image: Facebook
Image: Facebook

These are a few of our favs amongst the plethora of Chinese/Asian food places in Karachi! If we’ve missed out on some other Chinese restaurant that might be a game changer for us, do leave us a comment and suggest us some!