Karachi’s biggest food festival is just around the corner, and this weekend Chefling Tales is all set to eat at Karachi Eat festival. Three days of the fun-filled crowd, live music and the best food on the go and all under Rs. 300. The event is taking place at Shaheed Benazir Bhutto park from 12th – 14th January 2018.

Check out the food bucket list we are ready to tick on Karachi Eat

1. Wild Fries

We all agree there is no sharing when it comes to fries. And we are going wild with these loaded fries on the weekend. Wild Fries is premiering at Karachi Eat and we are definitely getting our hands dirty with these.

2. Panwaari

Now, this seems something we can’t miss on. Panwaari has already leveled up the pan game in Karachi and this is a hint of what they are bringing to us at Karachi Eat.

3. Grill in the city

Nachos, Mac & Cheese Balls, Grilled Prawns, Chicken Waffle Cone and more. Grill in the city is serving all these with special dips including Dynamite Sauce, Mexicana Sauce, Master Blaster Sauce, and we are all up for it.

4. Skewers

Everything on skewers from prawns to grilled chicken, marshmallows, and fruits a perfect on the go snack for a perfect day. Can there be anyone already excited more than we are?

5. Saydyz

Let’s just say “this looks tempting” and we can hold on to our seats and stay away from this any longer. Karachi Eat we are coming!

6. Khaodosa

The name suggests that we eat dosa and so we shall eat dosa at Karachi Eat. Classic, super crispy dosas are waiting for us.

7. Cafe Praha

A foodie is always up for something new and when it’s something sweet it’s double the excitement. Cafe Praha is introducing these chimney cakes which are originated from Prague at Karachi Eat and we are up for it.

8. Tacocat PK

These guys are cooking up their signature habanero sauce and we just love some spicy adventures. Hope we can take the wild level?

And then we will need this!

9. Ice pop

Ice lollies are suddenly a trending item and we love these babies by Ice pop. We are popping some fruity flavor ice pops at Karachi Eat.

10. Cafe Ujala

We love to support the good cause and when it’s about spreading smiles and quirky food we are all in. Looking forward to visiting and helping them smile wider.

Other than all the food we are all set to enjoy music performances by Atif Aslam, Asim Azhar and more.

Suggestion: Plan this as a family trip! and this guy explains what a family is!

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