Last weekend Cheflings were found at the  Bites & Vibes, food market hosted by Food Panda and as a foodie would say it was a delight for the taste buds.  Sunday at the Alliance Francaise eating our hearts out sounds perfect but it was even more delightful to have everything for Rs.200 or under!

During the event, we had the pleasure of meeting the faces behind famous eateries like Il Posto, Taha’s Chocomania and Golden Dragon.

Truth be told, everything was scrumptious. However, the following stalls were our top favorites.

1. Arabis

Arabis had Shawarma, the Arabic sweet dish: Kunafa and Mutabbak on offer. Since spending our summers in Jeddah we had been craving for a good Mutabbak and we got just that. It was also for Rs. 200 and good enough for two people easily!

2. Taha’s Chocomania

We are big fans of Taha’s Chocomania and as soon as we saw their stall we aimed straight for it. As always, their chewy Chocolate Fudge Brownie was a pure pleasure to have. This square piece of chocolate heaven was for Rs. 100.

3. Il Posto

Il Posto, the Italian eatery, had brought in their pizza truck to the venue and delivered pizzas fresh from the oven. Their authentic Italian pizzas were rich in flavor. They had their Margarita Pizza and Chicken And Mushroom Pizza on an offer we availed.

4. Big Thick Burger

BTB was a total delight to have, their mini juicy beef patty burgers with their soft buns were as good as they look. We tried their Little Dangerous which was dangerous in its flavor with sour jalapenos that cut right through the fatty juices of the beef patty. These mini treats were only for Rs. 120.

5. Ice Pop Co.

Ice pops are homemade, free of preservatives and hygienically made delicacy. We tried their Pomegranate Popsicle which was sweet and sour in flavor. Other flavors included Chocolate Brownie, Strawberry & Cream, Watermelon and were priced at Rs. 150 only.

It was a true foodie’s delight to visit Bites And Vibes and we look forward to more such events in the future.