Karachi Eat is one of the rare events in Pakistan that celebrates food and we can’t wait to see what they come up with every year. Organized at Frere Hall in Karachi, the event had some excitement and good food to offer to the foodies in Karachi. Participants included home chefs, bakers, and top restaurants.

If you’re a glutton loving person, this festival has plenty of food to offer. If not, you will enjoy it anyway. With the best of the best stalls in the festival, the event had addressed all foodie cravings and excitement of our Karachi Cheflings. We are hoping that soon this festival will happen in the other major cities across Pakistan.

Speaking of the food, we happened to try almost every yummilicios treat that the festival had to offer.


The Hot and Spicy  Bar B Q Though!

Starting with The white biryani, the food was spicy and the flavors were on point. The white biryani never disappoints when it comes to the authentic and unique taste of white biryani.

To add some flavors to  our already spicy palette. the next item we had were gol gappas from Rajjos’s stall, which were a bit disappointing as far as the taste is concerned. We love their ice cream, but these were a downer for us.


To add more desi touch we had a spicy chappal kebab with naan which was great and the flavors were on point. Served with a juicy Lemon that was all we wanted! on our food voyage!

16177855_1215746678480289_3466535926806862538_o (2)

Turning from desi to valaiyti, this burger may seem a bit small, but was an actual burst of flavor, something that we were craving for a long time. For this savory treat, do check out Oh my grill restaurant later on.

Adding a sweet touch to our food venture, the waffles at The Bond Street waffles were an absolute winner. We will definitely be making this a regular for our sweet tooth cravings.


A cute little moment happened when our youngest chefling decided to decorate his cupcake at the Pie in the Sky stall. the end product was spectacular and amazing.


16252417_1215746228480334_3465776304618078273_oThe end product!

And we ended our food venture with an amazing hot cup of Kashmiri chai at Chotu Chai Wala. The taste of this chai was incredible, topped with a layer of dry fruits. The tea had a burst of flavor, and its hot temperature warmed us up in the winter evening!

The whole experience was incredible and we can’t wait for it to happen again next yea,r and for our friends across Pakistan to enjoy this food festival.

What did you guys think of the Karachi Eat 2017? Share your opinions with us in the comments section below!

Duaa Asif

Business student, marketing enthusiast, foodie and a story teller!