You cannot take the cultural roots out of a person and just like that, you cannot take food out of Karachi. Karachi has seen many new foods spots opened in the past few months, but this time, it is not just another new restaurant that opened in K-town, it is a whole new food street that seems to be emerging in Karachi.

Residents of DHA are well aware of the famous Seher Commercial Road; however, now the Karachiites are getting to know this place because of all those amazing food restaurants serving at Seher Commercial Street.

So here are a few spots we paid a visit to:


It is not possible that you have not been to Oh My Grill burgers if you have a thing for burgers. Oh, My Grill has a small place to serve their customer, but the burgers will surely pull you back to the place quite often. They have their perfectly grilled and juicy burgers, and to choose from, you have burgers from two varieties, the Classic burgers, and The Gourmet burgers. Our personal favorite is the Swiss Mushroom Melt burger. Do try that and tell us if you loved it like we do.

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K-town Burger Co has recently opened their second branch. They are now serving their tender and saucy burgers at Seher Commercial Street. The restaurant has quite a nice sitting arrangement for the customers. It can be a good new hangout spot for students, without a doubt.

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SCREAM- Ice cream spot

We all are quite familiar with this ice cream spot, and we all have been watching and loving all those videos on social media, coming from the people visiting SCREAM. This place does not serve you ice cream in an ancient style, with the scoop on a waffle cone or cup. Their idea of serving ice cream is at a whole new level of creativity at it’s best. They turn the ice cream batter into a solid ice cream form, through LN2 aka liquid nitrogen. So, if you haven’t been to this place yet, then Seher Commercial Street is your place to visit to see the magic live. Moreover, don’t forget to give yourself the brain freeze.

Big Thick Burgerz

Big Thick Burgerz, burgerz with a z because it is cool.  Anyway, all we can do is easily imagine the fat beef patty in a burger, with soft buns and sauces. For food lovers, every new burger spot is happiness and for us, because we get to eat a lot of different styles of burgers. Try Little Dangerous and Arizona Crunchy, our current favorites.

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The Waffle Cart

For the love of waffles, there is an amazing Waffle spot at Seher Commercial. You will find the waffle cart just outside the Malang’s café. People are simply loving the waffle and the flavors that they are offering. Our experience was so incredible, the waffle came in dipped in Nutella, and just the sight of it was HEAVEN.  Also, we do recommend their white chocolate and Nutella waffle served with an ice cream. Awe to a perfect use of Nutella in life.

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