Karachi is a city of more than 2 crore people, who have an immense love for food. It doesn’t matter if it is 3 in the morning or 3 in the afternoon, Karachi restaurants are always packed with food lovers. Traditional  food is the ultimate passion of this city which is why you can find a variety of eateries in Karachi, both big and small.

Karahi (chicken stew) is one of the most favorite food item of Karachites and so, we created a list of top 5 best places to have Karahi in Karachi.

1. Shaheen Shinwari

It is located at Rashid Minhas Road opposite Askari 4 that serves a total of 26 different types of karahi, each one having a varying taste and people are absolutely crazy about them. They have a “Takhat” (couch) seating setup for their customers to enjoy the food in a desi style. Karahis are in 2 quantities of half and full which has a price between Rs. 350 to 700. All Karachites, and even people on vacations from other cities come here to eat and enjoy the delicious food while giving a great word of mouth about this place.

2. Kababjees

Kababjees is now one of the most famous and highly visited restaurant of the city, it has a total of 4 branches in Karachi and serves a variety of food to a very large number of customers. They offer 6 types of both mutton and chicken karahi in two quantities, i.e. full and half pricing between Rs. 750 to 1200. Kababjees offers great discount on bank debit cards and their customer service is great. Best spot to stop by for a desi food craving.

3. Daily Dubai Restaurant

Daily Dubai restaurant is located at Badar Commercial DHA and consists of two floors in total to serve its customers fine quality food. It offers 6 types of karahi to choose from. They are  priced between Rs. 630 for half and Rs. 1200 for full. It has great customer service and is also a favorite spot for the celebrities who love traditional spicy food.

4. BBQ Tonight

BBQ Tonight is located not only in Pakistan but in other countries  as well like Malaysia, Oman, Dubai and Saudi Arabia. It is a well-known restaurant in Karachi and has 3 floors to accommodate their customers. They also have an open roof top where the barbecue takes place. BBQ Tonight offers 3 varieties of karahi to its customers who are fond of spicy food. Price range is Rs. 1050-1600 depending upon the meat choice. It also offers discount on different bank debit cards that can cut your bill by 15-20 %.

5. Hot N Spicy

Hot N Spicy has two branches, one in Rahat Commercial DHA and the second in Clifton. Hot N Spicy has a huge menu, serving from fast food to Chinese to traditional. The food has an amazing blend of spices and serves 4 types of karahi to its customers including lamb karahi.  Hot N Spicy is a favorite spot for friends and families to hang out.

Did we miss any Karahi spot that deserves to be on this list? Do let us know.

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