We all know the struggle of surviving the last week of the month, when we are short on the eating out budget. We are simply broke, due to spending lavishly the first few weeks of the month and are now waiting for our salaries or pocket money. We often end up searching our pockets because we believe in miracles. Well, we know we all cannot afford to eat at restaurants when we are in tight budget, but there are always some spots that save the day.

Here are the top 3 eateries where you can eat on a budget:

The Sauce Burger Cafe

Imagine you have just Rs. 1000 in your pocket and after paying for the movie ticket, you are left with some Rs. 300 – 500 and you might be thinking” I will just have popcorn for dinner”, then hold your thought. Here is the deal, when you don’t know what to eat, and you have around Rs. 300-500 in your pocket, then you can certainly have a burger, and that too from ‘The Sauce’. The best way to enjoy a meal with a low budget. I had their Jack Pot Beef, it’s secret sauce is amazing, pepperoni and caramelized onions, tell me how this isn’t a jack pocket for us?

P.C: In The World of Moyo


The restaurant is not so big so as to accommodate a lot of people, but you can take away good food from here. They have a wide variety of Pakistani cuisine, with such nominal prices and quantity. I had daal makhni, chicken karahi (Half), and mix vegetable in just Rs.1000, which was enough for 4 people. I never had a daal makhni with red beans in it, and believe me when I say it was too good. The chicken karahi had just the right balance of spices, and we had our bellies filled within a budget.

P.C: Rakaposhi

Cheese, Crust, and Co.

A new pizza eatery in DHA, that will deliver you a hot and cheesy pizza right at your doorstep. They don’t have any outlet yet, but they are currently located at Nishat Commercial. We had the pizzas, and the amount of cheese and pepperoni in the pepperoni pizza was tempting and satisfying. The Crazy Pepper Pizza was delicious, with a hot spicy taste and lots of cheese in it. Their regular pizza, that costs Rs. 600, has 6 slices of 10″.

Pic credits : SWOT’s Guide for Karachi’s Restaurants, Cafes, Dhabas, Khokas and Take-outs

Here are the top 3 popular eateries for budget eating:

Hot and Spicy

Hot and Spicy is without a doubt the place for foodies, with great quantity and quality of food. I have tried almost everything out of their menu. If you are not just low on budget, but also broke, then their variety of rolls with special chutney is the ultimate solution to your hunger. They will serve you paratha roll in chapati, as per your convenience. I have had it’s Sindhi Biryani, and in my books, it’s the best biryani in town. Boneless chicken and aromatic rice easily serves 3-4 people, and costs Rs. 480 only.

P.C: Foodies R Us

Johnny Rockets

Johnny Rockets Make Your Own Meal is an amazing deal of the year, where we can have our own choice of burger out of Chicken and Beef, with fries and a drink in just Rs. 350. I know you just re-read the last line again. I ordered Deal #12, Route 66, and the spicy Houston. The best part about their burger is that they use their own homemade sauces in the burger, which makes it delicious. My personal favorite is Route 66, because it has lots of Swiss cheese and mushrooms in it.

P.C: Foodies R Us


We all come across Subway, because they have a branch in every area in Karachi. Subway is the healthiest and the best choice if you are broke, their Flavor of the Day is our lifesaver. We can have a Sub in just Rs. 280. I love their Teriyaki sauce. Barbecue chicken and tuna are other great options.

P.C : Pictaram

Did we miss any pocket-friendly spots that save us when we are low on budget? Leave your comments below.

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