One of the most famous street foods of Pakistan is the Shami Anda Burger or famously known as ‘Anday Wala Burger’ (yes, I know how you pronounced it) There are many cafes and food kiosks from where you can get this burger, all across Pakistan. This is one of the favorite foods of most of Pakistanis who like desi fast food. This burger has many varieties and comes with and without egg and depending on the place you can add cheese to it too.

There is one place in Abbottabad that is famous for its shami burgers and that is Dazy Foods. Dazy Foods is located in Jadoon Plaza Phase 1, Abbottabad. This fast food place serves fries, shami burgers, shawarmas, gol gappay and many more. But the highlight remains the shami burgers or anday wala burger.

This is a small place with indoor seating available or you can park your car outside and have the best shami burger there. The menu consists of Shami Burger, Shami Cheese Burger, Shami Egg Burger, special French fries, and drinks. There are a lot of combinations you can try at this place.

The Shami Burger is simple yet tasty. Inside the buns, there is shami kebab and salad with mayonnaise and ketchup. This burger is served with the fries and ketchup with Mint Chutney that adds more taste to this desi styled bun kebab. The buns are a bit on the sweeter side and the shami kebab is perfectly cooked and fries on the side are so good. The ‘special fries’ are one more thing in the menu you want to try as it is topped with coleslaw.

According to the price point, the place is very reasonable, the service is quick but it depends on the people already waiting for the food as many students prefer this place for a quick bite.

If you are a fan of “anday wala burger” then this place is where you need to go and try out the best of bun kebab in the town.

Ramsha Rehan

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