Looking for quite an ambiance with a lavishing interior for fine dining? Well, the capital is offering a food “White House” to compliment your decent nature.

Today’s blog will give you an insight about the Mocca Coffee cafe, located in Kohsar Market, F-6/3, called the White House of Islamabad.

Known for:-

When Mocca Coffee is discussed, two major factors swing the mind, one their macaroons, and second their purely and delicately chosen white interior, combined with side trees as being the corner shop on the first floor.


The art of playing with white and light brown is well showcased by this café. The interior is 60% white and 30% light brown, faltering with 10% glass to let the sunshine and roaming environment play it’s role in the café’s look. The small capacity café offers three kinds of seating choices; one is a separate chair with a table, the second is a four seating table, and the third is a comfortable sofa seating. The eye-catching look is their main wall, with a wide mirror and clocks hanging showing different countries local time. The café also provides a small lawn seating with the umbrella table and a separate smoking area.


It’s been a while that Mocca’s Islamabad branch enhanced their menu with the addition of main courses and breakfast, however, it was initially offering sweets, beverages, and some light entries. Price range at the first sight might seem a bit above average, but their serving is pretty impressive and the taste 85% justifies the rate.


Food suits the nature of those loving small, but complete servings. Our order was not around the main courses, but their brownie which was very fresh, light for the mouth, but full for appetite. The second choice was slightly different dark brown molten lava, topped with a round ice-cream ball and half drowned in light sweet chocolate ice-cream dip. Last, but not the least, for the beverage choice, we opted ice tea, which was medium chilled delicately giving a sour tea leaf texture and lemon citrus immediately bursting into our taste buds. The last is chilled latte, which is a bit strong without sugar, but is combined with ice and proportioned milk.


Service can be your reason for visiting this café again. It is not very welcoming, but they maintain a quiet environment despite having a small joined kitchen and the waiters are very honest regarding their offerings when help is asked, plus presenting orders on time is another point of likeness for this cafe.

Hopefully, if you are into snacks and good ambiance, then this cafe is definitely a place for you to visit.

Maria Sherazi

"A girl of 21, balancing life through food therapy, 5 feet 6-inch live calorie calculator who believes healthy is classic and knows the economics of meeting maximum desires of food with a limited budget."