Rainy weather in Multan gets you in a zone where you rush out to get “Tarri howiii machli”.  Mulatnis know that the craving for fish is simply linear to the cold weather. No fish zinger or fish crackers can replace the traditional fried fish, marinated with few Asian spices.

Streets of the Old city of Multan are filling up day by day with fish lovers as the temperature drops! So we thought why not direct the crowd to right places. We hunt down the city’s best fish spots and here are the top 3!

1) Ahmed’s Fish Point

Ahmed’s fish point is at Bohhar Gate in the heart of Multan. The best part of Ahmed fish spot is they offer a wide variety of fish based dishes. As we were at one of the top fish spots in Multan, we tried each dish from fried fish to Tawa fish. It was the crispy outer coat that won our hearts.

Tawa fish was moist and full of the traditional taste of spices. The spices were so balanced that we felt no need of having a complimentary chutney or dip to go with it.

2) Assuie Grill:

Up until last year, the only good grilled fish in Multan was one that was BBQ-ed at home. Now this newbie in the town, the Assuie Grill has started serving grilled fish. So we went out to taste it. The ambiance was filled with the aroma of coal and the view of our food being cooked in front of us was too good but what was, even more, satisfying was the taste.

3) Sheehda’s fish:

Situated in Khooni Burj, each and everything about the fish served here is excellent. From the taste of their chutneys (mint and yogurt and sweet & sour) to the hot tawa roti, and lots fresh of salad.

A girl whose first and last love is food. She is on a mission to taste each and everything edible around her.