From traditional Sohan Halwa to branded burgers and pizzas, everything can be found in Multan, but this is not the view of non-Multanis. Even though Multan has the very first Robot waitresses of the region, yet this step forward has not succeeded much in breaking such silly stereotypes.

People want more! Hence, to explore more about the unique aspects of the city, we visited various restaurants to satisfy our appetite with some bizarre dishes.

Here are our picks:

The weird burgers:

Black one: Inspired by the movie “Star Wars”, the owner of London Courtyard has added a black burger in his menu, served with fries and salad.

Our experience turned out to be a bit bland, we expected it to be better, but the taste was quite ordinary. Other than the color of the bun being black, there was nothing unique about it, as per us, Rs. 650 (with tax) was a bit too much for it, and the size was too small.

Rating: 3.5/5

Green one:  To be honest,  as per the previous experience at London Courtyard, we thought we would get another painted bun. But this one turned out to be pretty good. Juicy chicken patty, fresh cheese, crispy onion rings, everything was up to our satisfaction. It won’t be an exaggeration if we rate it 5/5.

The Sweet Pizza:

Whenever we say “pizza”, it commonly means cheese, pepperoni, black olives,  sometimes pineapple, and much more. What we do not expect is for it to taste sweet, right? Well, actually in Multan, we do. A recently opened restaurant in Multan, named Peppurus, has started “sweet pizza”. Instead of cheese, they use a combo of Nutella, peanut butter, and Cadbury chocolate as a filling or sauce. They top it with bananas and nuts, instead of chicken or olives. We loved every bite of it.

Hence, we rate it 5/5.


We all are aware of Chizza. Originally, it was a product of KFC, but in Multan, Peppurus launched it first. We ordered the chizza, and were satisfied enough. In the beginning, we thought Rs. 450 was a bit too much. But it was totally worth it. There was no compromise on quality, as well as quantity. That is why we rate it 5/5.

Non-alcoholic beer:

During celebrations, we all feel like partying a bit hard. For that, Oven Delights has given Multanis a new way to celebrate. It’s BEER. Before any fight of being “halal” or not starts, let us tell you very clearly.

  1. It is totally non-alcoholic.

2. It is a bubbly mixture of malts (especially 79), lemon shots, and lots of ice.

3. Even kids and elderly people can have it.

Talking about our experience, we loved it, as Oven Delights has brought a wide ranged, new concept of non-alcoholic cocktails and mocktails in the city. The touch of the lemon shot was the real deal. We would rate it 5/5.

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