Whether it is time for breakfast, lunch or dinner, our tables have always been abundant with dishes. This is very common in eastern culture, and makes it more exquisite and unparalleled. The most awaited meal is the dessert. Without anything sweet, our meal remains incomplete. Not very long ago, Multanis had merely three ways of satisfying their sweet-tooth cravings:

1) By cooking something traditional at home (How boring. Ouch!!! Not a good idea, as it is not cooked by experts. Therefore, our taste buds remain unsatisfied at times).

2) Eat Ice Cream (What about winters? Not everyone like us enjoys ice cream even in cold weather)

3) Ravari or Niralah (These two are “Mehtahis” shops in Multan. It is said about them that they are as old as the city of the saints itself and their taste says it all about the romance of this city.)

But now a lot has changed in Multan. Anybody who left this city merely five years ago, if they returned today, he or she will not be able to recognize it. The Multan food industry has advanced a lot, now restaurants offer a huge range of cakes, brownies, tarts, cookies etc.

Talking about brownies, who does not love them? So we dedicated a whole week to hunt for the best brownies and decided to find out the top best brownies in Multan.

Here is our list:

London Courtyard

The newbie in town, it’s sizzling brownie is to die for. Prior to it, no restaurant has introduced such a creative idea to serve brownies. The sound of sizzling caramel sauce made us tingle and we wanted the first bite of the brownie right away. It felt as if we were sitting in Sweet Affairs Lahore (the one which has the best sizzling brownie in Pakistan). It’s first glimpse made us go in awe. Hot sauce, soft and dense brownie, cold ice cream… yummm combo, and in just Rs. 350 (With tax, it cost us around 400-425). We couldn’t resist thanking the restaurant for bringing it to Multan. However, as compared to the other Brownie on our list, it is expensive, but totally worth every penny.

Rating: We give it 5/5

O’ My Buns

O’ My Buns has almost a dozen of various types of brownies. That is what we love the most about it. We chose to have walnut and cheese brownie. The little chunks of walnuts were the best part. It was for Rs. 199. Actually, the price of the entire range of brownies is the same, and their size brings a huge smile on every foodie’s face.

Rating: We give it 4/5

Shangrilla Cuisine Bakery

This was the very first bakery of Multan. Hence, it is very close to the hearts of every Multani. Another reason that makes it our favorite is because it’s prices are very reasonable and the items are damn yummy. We personally love their brownie so much that every time we visit Shangrilla, we always order brownies. However, we will rate it 2/5. Because, what they call brownie, in reality, appears to be a chocolate fudge to us, which just costs Rs. 100. So, had we been reviewing Chocolate fudge cake, we would have given it 5/5.

Rating: 2/5

Oven Delight

Recently, Oven Delight has earned a name because of a wide range of mocktails that it offers. (Oh!!! Do not worry. We will be reviewing those drinks very soon. Cheers. 😉 ) So whilst enjoying the drinks, we ordered their brownie too, which was similar to Shangrilla’s brownie, but was served with an ice cream.

Rating: We rate it 3.5/5

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