There is nothing close to the hearts of us Pakistanis more than the word “chaaye”. Our day begins and most probably ends with a perfect cup of chaaye.

To be honest, there is no proper restaurant to have a comforting chaaye nashta . Lots of restaurants do offer it, but something always remains missing. Hence, the local dhabas were the only option Multanis were left with, until Chaaye Khana opened it’s doors for Multanis. It’s branch has been opened in Multan’s hub of restaurants, the ultimate love of foodies, Gulghast.

Chaaye Khana has received lots of love across the country, particularly in the capital, and Lahore has become the demand of foodies of every city to have one in their own district as well.  Now thankfully in Multan as well, which is why we went down there and had ourselves a treat.

Menu: We couldn’t resist smiling like chimpanzees after looking at their menu. We mean it, there was a vast, vast, vast variety of every heartthrob; like Samosas (Multanis only get to have either Aloo or Keema Samosass – from here, you can guess that our smiles were totally justified), parathas, and much more.

Ambiance: It will not be too wrong to say that among all other restaurants, Chaaye Khana has the best interior. It has several portions. It even serves in the open. Can’t wait for the rain to wet the soil of Multan, and then we can visit this spot again to have a cuppa.

What we ordered?: Since we went there in the evening, and we could not order breakfast (of course, silly us), we ordered Parmesan stuffed Chicken, Chicken Morocco Steaks, and Aloo ka paratha (couldn’t resist those), and sandwiches.

Followed by some sweets, including brownie and chocolate heaven, the taste of each of the dishes was great. We loved every bit. Especially, their relaxation tea is out of this world. 10/10 for it TBH.

Conclusion: Our smiles lasted only until the bill arrived, their rates, as compared to other restaurants in Multan, were a bit high. If you ever plan to visit it, keep one thing in your mind: One person’s food is going to cost you around Rs. 1000-1500. Consider your budget before planning out a party or treating your friends here.

The experience was a great one for foodies, who are particular about great service and good quality food, which is why we did visit them again for breakfast.  For three persons, we ordered their breakfast platters. We were served a yummy egg, beans, nuggets, butter, jam and toast/paratha (and free coffee/chaaye for ladies).

Our bill came out to be just Rs.1000, though we were three. So we came to a conclusion, Chaaye Khana is the best place for breakfast.

A girl whose first and last love is food. She is on a mission to taste each and everything edible around her.