Whether it is a moment of happiness or sadness, or we are having pain in the form of a headache, or we are damn stressed due to a very tiring day, all Pakistanis want is a cup of Chai. The bonding that our nation shares with a cup of tea is above all the bonding the world has seen. Having at least three or four cups of Chai is compulsory. It will not be wrong to say that Chai has become our oxygen.

Autumn is about to end and it’s beautiful evenings have made us increase the number of cups of Chai we have in a day. This number will increase further when winters will officially be here. As we Pakistanis only need an excuse to have Chai.

Here is a list of places where you can have the best Chai in Multan:


This restaurant is well known for being classy. We were expecting the chai here would not have a traditional touch, but we were proven wrong in no time. As the piping hot mug of chai arrived, with it’s color, it appeared to look like Mocha. Upon asking, they told us that they add the fresh “Malae” (cream) in it, which is where the color came from. All the thickness and bubbles got us to give it a rating of 4/5.

Chaaye Khana:

Although Chaaye Khana is a bit of a cliche, but this list wouldn’t be complete without it, the chai there is too good. A cup that makes all us desis happy, there is a very special secret of their Chai. So we rate it 5/5. Though they added condensed milk, but the original taste of Chai was maintained. We can’t wait to go another Tuesday, as it is the day of the week when they serve free chai to ladies.

Gloria Jeans:

Basically, our reviews are mixed about their cup of tea. Let’s just say they should stick to serving coffee. It was as if something was missing, like maybe the tea itself. 3/5!

Ghar Ki Chai:

What can beat “Ghar Ki Chai”? If it is made from “Maa Ke Hath”, it can get us up instantly, such is the power of merely its aroma. And the taste, it is beyond this world. As per us, the main reason we love the homemade Chai so much is that we can give instructions about what kind of Chai we want, strong, light, or medium. Whilst restaurants have their own recipes, that they never feel like changing, no matter what.

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