Our quest for desi food brings us to the ‘Headquarters of all things desi’, the beautiful city of Manchester, located in the Midlands of the United Kingdom. Manchester is considered the hub of Pakistani food and eateries in the UK, hosting a whopping population of about twenty-six lakh ninety thousand Pakistanis, including it’s suburbs. It hosts probably the largest population of Pakistanis found anywhere in the UK. Thanks to the Pakistani population and their appetite for their own food, there has been a constant increase in the number of Pakistani restaurants serving a wide variety of desi food!

With the setting in of winters in the UK, a desi’s desire for Pakistani appetite increases even more when reminiscing the warmth of tikkas and BBQ’s back home.

This leads us to our next stop at the beautiful and magnificent Royal Nawaab. As the name suggests, it truly is royal, serving the largest variety of desi cuisines from all regions of Pakistan, and that too in an all you can eat buffet! Usually, there is a long queue to be seated, so it’s better off to book a table in advance. Once inside, the friendly staff helps you to your table, and then the race for food to get in your tummy begins! It is said that no trip to Manchester (or UK for that matter) is complete without having a dinner at Royal Nawaab!

One can start digging in from the starters, which are an absolute must if you are visiting Royal Nawaab, they have a huge variety of starters, including pani puri, chana chaat, grilled chicken wings, and a huge selection of salads from the bar. Their masala fish is absolutely spot on!

Moving on to the mains, BBQ is their specialty, so if you do get a chance to visit, do spare your appetite for the grilled chops, seekh kebab, chapli kebab, and the grilled chicken. Don’t forget to try their amazing chutneys, that accompany these grilled items. Next to the grilled counter, dishes are displayed in traditional matkis (mud pots), that tempt you even further to try them all. Haleem, nihari, paaye, and any other possible Pakistani delicacies one can think of are served in an ample amount.

The best part is that they keep on refilling it all the time, so you can never be disappointed that your favorite dish is out. There is an in-house tandoor (oven), serving all sorts of naan (garlic, coriander, kalonji), rotis, and khulchay.

Finally to top it all off is my personal favorite: dessert bar! Starting from gajar ka halwa to jelebis, ras malai, and gulaab jamun. Honestly, one finds it super hard to resist eating all these sweet delicacies offered in a generous serving, each time you approach the friendly server. There is also an ice-cream bar to go along with your desi desserts. All in all, a great experience! A good enough treat to the taste buds and the belly. You have to be a food lover and a big eater, in order to get your money’s worth.

They have two branches in the UK, Manchester, and London. Though people who have been to both, prefer the one in Manchester, due to the larger variety of dishes being offered. They also have an app on the Apple store for the moment, to order food.

(link: http://apple.co/2wrDQLx)

They have extended their offer of 15% discount every time you order, until the 31st of December 2017, so enjoy! Let’s see where the quest for desi food takes us next! Until then, stay tuned!

Address: 1008 Stockport Road, Manchester, United Kingdom M19 3WN

Phone Number: +44 0161 224 6969

Website: http://royalnawaab.com/manchester

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/NawaabManchester/

Picture credits: https://royalnawaab.com/manchester

Rating: 4.5/5