Getting the best biryani is a major quest for us Islamabadis. So, an eatery that offers a good tasteful biryani with flavors that are on point is definitely a go-to place for us.

Recently, Street Food has opened its doors with the aim of providing the best Pakistani regional cuisines in Islamabad. As if the ambiance and funky interior wasn’t enough, the eatery has a range of hot and spicy dishes in its menu.

The entrance to food!
Take me back!

Starting from Karachi Ki Biryani, if you are a true foodie stuck in Islamabad, like me you know that we have not yet discovered the best biryani in Islamabad. *Hold your breaths* because I have finally found the best biryani in Islamabad under the roof of Street food. The biryani has that taste of Karachi, it’s spicy and the flavors are on point, cooked to perfection.


Dhaga Kebab is our personal favorite dish complimented with garam garam (hot) Roghni naan (flatbread). These kebabs have a unique taste and is a tasty BBQ dish. The presentation is too heavenly while it is served with two flavorful dips.

Dhaga Kebabs was so heavenly!
These naans are enough on their own!

Next dish on our table was Beef Bihari Boti, the unique BBQ flavor shows how it is marinated perfectly. Infused with spices and complimented with green chutney, this treat is super awesome and on point.

Beef Behari Boti

Street Food can address all your desi cravings, which is why it now holds a special place in our heart. Its Shahi Daal is too shahi (royal). Like most daals (lentils), this also requires ghee that adds an unmatched flavor topped with ginger and whole red pepper which makes it richer. Happiness was taking a break from meat and chicken and enjoying this bowl.

Shahi daal was too shahi!

As you can probably guess, we’re in love with Street Food and will be sure to come back very soon. It is a small eatery with tasteful Pakistani cuisines. Biryani, dhaga kebab, Beef Bihari boti and its shahi daal were the few dishes that we tried. Each dish has a unique taste. So the next time you’re craving for desi food like biryani or qeema, try one of Street Food’s dishes instead and you won’t be disappointed.

Address: Masco Plaza, Main Jinnah Avenue, Blue Area, Islamabad.

Duaa Asif

Business student, marketing enthusiast, foodie and an entrepreneur to be!