It’s that time of year when you can honestly begin to say. “Winter is coming.” Such being the case, every desi foodie thinks of warm, comforting food. And what list of winter foods would be complete without the sweet and irresistible gajar ka halwa, a kind of sweet pudding made with carrots native to the subcontinent. Just the smell of it is enough to send you into a trance, and it’s something every Pakistani adores. As it gets colder, you’ll see many homes fragrant with it’s preparation. But if you’re one of those lazy types who’d rather just go somewhere and be served an endless tray of it, here are three places in Islamabad that you need:

1. Jamil Sweets

This bakery is the all-rounder of bakeries. From samosa chaat to gajar ka halwa, everything they sell makes your day. In Islamabad, everyone’s first choice for buying gajar ka halwa is Jamil Sweets because of their quality, reasonable prices and delicious taste. This place is the perfect caterer for your cravings.


2. Fresco Sweets

Fresco is another very famous local brand, known for having some of the best sweets around. Whether you go to their shop or bring some home, their gajar ka halwa will ooze with high quality. It’s worth every penny.

frescoSource: Fresco Sweets

3. Dhaka Sweets

Dhaka Sweets have been a well-known name for a long time, but I came to know about them around two years ago, as I was roaming around Sector F-10 and came across their bakery. I think trying their gajar ka halwa was the best decision I made that day. It was the best I had tried in a very long time — I just couldn’t get enough of it!

So what did you think of our list? Let us know your favorite place to get gajar ka halwa!