One of the most popular Chinese and Thai restaurants in Lahore, Yum has now opened it’s branch in Islamabad. And what a beautiful place it is. From the first moment you step in through the glass and wood doors, you know you have come to a place of quality. Yum is located in Street 16, F-7/2, right next to Rana Market and behind Hardees. The whole block is divided into two portions. The ground portion is occupied by The English Tea House, another famous Lahori food joint, and the upper portion is taken by Yum.

The thing I liked about this arrangement was that the reception for both these restaurants was one. There was a very spacious waiting room, with a gift shop at the corner. You could wait there while your table was being prepped. There was one reception desk and a receptionist, who was booking tables for both the restaurants. While I was waiting for my table, two groups of people came and got tables reserved for both the restaurants. This unique arrangement was working well for both these Lahori Bistros.

After settling at my table, I looked around the restaurant for the first time. The three sides of the place are covered with glass windows, which allowed ample sunlight to seep through. This made the whole area look bigger, and the light wooden floor and tables added to it’s charisma. While I was admiring the décor, the waiters gave us complimentary mint margaritas and white crackers. This was a very nice gesture, since the day was really hot and we were craving cool, green drinks.

The first dish we ordered was the Yum Special Soup. It was a mix of prawns, chicken and different vegetables. It had the perfect thickness. We were a group of five and each one of us got a full bowl. Another unique attribute of Yum is that the waiters serve the food to you if you want. They make each plate. You do not have to worry about passing the soup bowl to your friends or placing the food for them. You just sit back and the work is done. When we were done with the soup, the waiters brought our main course. We had ordered Egg Fried Rice, Kung Pao Chicken, Chicken Manchurian and Chicken Chop Suey. The Chicken Chop Suey was a bit bland, but for people who like it crunchy, they will love it.

The serving was more than enough for five people. The Egg Fried Rice was cooked to perfection and the Chicken Manchurian was also good enough. However, the one dish that was truly exceptional was the Kung Pao Chicken. Being a Chinese food lover, I have tried many Chinese restaurants and I must say that this was one of the best dishes I have ever had. All the servings were adequate for five people.

The soft music, the pleasant chatter, the savory food,  they made us lose track of time and we didn’t realize it had almost been three hours since we had arrived at Yum. We got our bill which had totaled to Rs. 5700. Considering our overall experience, this was not too pricey, unlike what we had assumed earlier.

The restaurant was almost empty, since it was way past lunch time. While we were walking out, the managers asked us about our experience and were extremely polite. This is definitely one place I would recommend to all Chinese food lovers.

"A.K. is a writer who likes to pass her time by watching the MasterChef series and low budget films. She is currently pursuing her college degree in Mass Communication. She aspires to start her own magazine and to give new upcoming writers a chance to showcase their talent."