It’s been two days since the Pakistani awam has discovered Islamabad’s most handsome chai wala. And ever since, Twitter streams have been melting over his handsome looks and those gorgeous blue eyes. We’ve gathered some of the best tweets to show how much love is in the air during this time of chaos:

1. Boys be like…wp_ss_20161017_0005-2

2. “Zalima, chai pila day!”wp_ss_20161017_0003-2

 3. Reality vs expectations

4. Love is in the airchaiwala-tweet

There’s no denying this guy is the hottest chai wala we’ve seen yet — but we have something even hotter: great chai recipes!

Pakistani Chai:

In our part of the world, tea is certainly the most popular hot beverage. Today, making tea has become convenient for most people thanks to the variety of tea bags available. Still, many people including myself, cannot make peace with tea bags. The success of various dhabas and roadside tea stalls outside any office building prove my point. Those who prefer a well-brewed cup of tea will always seek out the real thing. Read our full recipe here.

chaaiImage Source: Google Images

Masala Chai:

This variety of chai is a whirlwind of flavors, aromas and depth. From it’s appearance, masala chai appears as smooth and serene as Islamabad on a quiet fall afternoon. The minute you take your first sip however, the flavors of the herbs and spices arrest your senses, and there’s never a dull moment after — just like Pindi! Here’s the recipe for the Faizabad Interchange we call masala chai!


So here you have our recipes for the perfect chai. I wonder what secret recipe the chai wala hides behind those piercing eyes? Fear not, we’ll have the answer to that soon — stay tuned. In the meantime, let us know your favorite chai recipe!

Duaa Asif

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