Sitting in the sun, listening to ami discussing family matters with abu, eating dry fruits and nuts, doing homework or preparing for exams and having a glass of everyone’s favorite apple, beetroot and carrot juice. This scene brings back nostalgic memories.

In winters, this  juice is one of the most powerful drinks you can have. The produce used in this juice are a source of antioxidants and numerous vitamins and minerals. Combining carrot juice with apple and beetroot provides the body with all necessary nutrients required to keep your  metabolism going throughout the day.

I always chill the apples, carrots and beets before extracting the juice in order to enjoy cold juice straight from the juicer. I just love the vibrant deep red color of the juice. The sweetness of the apples and carrots perfectly balances the earthiness of beetroots. There is no strict recipe or a defined ratio to prepare the blend. I use equal amounts with a small amount of ginger and lemon juice. Black salt can be added to enhance its flavor.


  • Apples- 3
  • Beetroots – 3
  • Carrots – 3
  • Inch ginger – ½ inch
  • Pinch black salt – pinch or to taste


  • Wash the vegetables and fruit thoroughly.
  • Cut them into wedges or small pieces.
  • Put all the fruit and vegetable chunks into the juicer and blend.

Fatima Ali

I am trained to be an IT professional. I served National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST) for six years after graduating from the same university. As long as I can remember, cooking good food has been my passion and it makes me happy. My cooking lessons were a bit unusual though. Back in the day when digital did not mean much, my father would record cooking shows (knorr ka kitchen, kaukab khuwaja and Zee Khana Khazana – Chef Sanjeev Kapoor) for me to watch endless times later on, before trying the recipes out. I would make brownies and cold cake almost every day while my mother was asleep. This was my way of surprising her every evening. My mother cooks amazing food too and I have tried many of the recipes written in her recipe book. I draw inspiration from a number of chefs from televised cooking shows such as Late Chef Farah, Chef Rahat, Chef Mehboob, BBC Food, Masala TV, Chef Shai, Chef Sharmeen, Master Chef Australia and my ultimate favorite Chef Shireen Anwer. I would not be as good a cook I am now without passive guidance from each one of these.