Hey, foodies! Ready for our favorites in October? Winter is fast approaching, so this time round we’ve decided to include some beautiful serveware. So ditch that old battered plastic, acrylic dried fruit and nut platter and have a look at these really gorgeous ones we have lined up for you:

1. This plate from Clayworks

Clayworks is a local venture and we love, love, LOVE their work! They’ve gained a lot of popularity and you can see their pieces being used to serve at almost all the top cafes and restaurants in the country. This plate in particular is one of our favorites from their new collection. Use it to serve your cookies or dried fruit this winter, and make those cold nights a bit more cheery. Make it yours for Rs. 3,000!

clayworksWell hello there, gorgeous!

2. This dish from Habitt

Habitt has become a household name, and what’s amazing is that they have started to focus not only on their furniture, but on everything that makes a house a home. Habitt has some of the best crockery pieces anywhere, and this gold dish is the perfect for statement for your dining table. It makes for an amazing centerpiece on the table and can double as a fancy serving dish for your dried fruits and nuts! You can nab this one for just Rs. 1,490.

habittEverything looks grand in gold, does it not?

3. This mug from MugArt

MugArt is an online business providing customized printing services on mugs. They also have some ready-for-delivery pieces to choose from. The one below caught our eye with it’s quirky design and that cheeky line printed on it in Urdu. Whether you like having your choice of poison (read: hot drink) alone or with friends, this mug will surely bring a smile to anyone’s face. This mug is priced at Rs. 850 and available to order on their Facebook page.

mugartTranslation: “Looks like a dullard but runs like a bullet!” 

4. This centerpiece/ serving dish from Arc_co

We stumbled upon this account on Instagram recently, and boy were we blown away with their creativity! They are an online business and design some really gorgeous, classy pieces for your home. Plus, they are candy-shaped, so that’s kinda the best thing about them, yes? You can place an order with them by sending them a message on their Instagram account. The larger dish is for Rs. 9,500 and the smaller brass one come in at Rs. 6,500.


We think these pieces are the beginning of a new era in serveware.

5. This coaster set from Khaadi Home

It’s almost criminal to not include stuff from Khaadi Home when we talk about dining and tableware because they are always one step ahead of the game. If you’re the kind of person who screams internally whenever if someone puts their hot cup or mug on your lovely wooden table top, then you’re gonna need these in your life! Lure your guests into playing a game of ludo on their coaster and chances are that they’ll end up using them when they should be. Of course there’s no guarantee this will work, but certainly worth a try, isn’t it? Get a set of six for Rs. 1,000.

khaadiEeny, meeny, miny, mo… Nope, we love ’em all. 

That’s all for this month, folks! We’d love to hear what you thought of our picks. Happy shopping!