Hey, foodies, how have you all been? We are back with our monthly picks for you fashionable people!

The weather is so unpredictable these days, it’s like spring and winter are having a fight with each other over who’s going to rule the month of April. However, with almost half of the month already gone, looks like winter is finally ready to give in.

Uhh ok, so enough with the weather talk, let’s get down to business, shall we? Check out our favorites in foodie fashion for the month of April, below:

  1.  These Napkin Rings from Taneez

Formal dinners at home are never really complete without some flashy silverware and while we are at it, why not throw in some really classy napkin rings too? After all, these days, more is MORE and we are all for it.

These silver leaf-shaped napkin rings from Taneez have caught our eye and we are in Love. They are, as are the rest of the products from Taneez, hand crafted by artisans with decades of experience. Get them for Rs. 3,200 per 6 pieces from any of their outlets in the country.

Just look at these beauties!

2. These Patch Tunics from Hina Mirza Fashion

We love pieces that are fun and that represent our foodie-ness (if that’s even a word!) and this tunic from Hina Mirza fashion is just that! The cute patches really pop out on the solid grey shirt, without making it too funky for daily wear. They are available online as well as in their outlet in Karachi for Rs. 2,600 and we’re told that the stock is limited so you gotta hurry up if you want to get your hands on them!

Watermelon; the best cure for long summer days 😉

3. This Table Runner from Sheops

If you’ve been following our monthly posts, you must be aware by now of the love we have for hand-crafted stuff, like this beautiful beaded Table runner here, which is like a statement piece for your table, more than anything. It’s by Zaina Zeeshan and is available to order from Sheops at the price of Rs. 3,000. We think it’s the perfect accent for your tabletop décor.

Buy local; support local!

4. This Phone cover from BTW

BTW (By The Way), the new kid on the block is doing a fab job with their affordable products. They started off with an outlet in Lahore some while back but now, thankfully, they have started an online store as well. Apart from apparels, they have a nice variety of phone accessories too and this yummy cherry iPhone cover here is just the thing we need this summer to make our phones feel as light and fresh as we wanna feel 😉 Make it yours for just Rs. 250.

It’s the cherry on top!

5. This Nail Polish from Claire’s Pakistan

They say that the best time to have ice-cream is always and who are we to argue? 😀 And while we are on the subject of ice-cream, let’s take a moment to admire how cute this nail polish packaging looks! Available at Claire’s for Rs. 750, this peel-off nail polish is all we need to look “cool” this summer.

Ice-cream + makeup= a girl’s dream come true!

That’s all for this month folks! We would love to get your feedback on this.