Hey, foodies! We’re back with our picks for foodie fashion for the month of September! Read on to find out which of your favorite products made the cut this month (Heads-up: We have some really FUN pieces for your home this time around, too!).

This top from Sapphire

It’s September and the sun has started to shine a wee-bit too strong in our part of the world, making us yearn for clothes that are not just light-weight and low-maintenance, but also keep us cool all day long. This top from Sapphire, with its yummy pineapple print, reminds us of beaches and palm trees. And for Rs. 2,350, Sapphire makes it affordable for you to get your hands on it!

Be a pineapple – stand tall, wear a crown and be sweet on the inside!

This breakfast table from Aks and Articrafts

Want to buy a breakfast table but the same ol’ plain ones just don’t work for you? Then you’ll be blown away by the beautiful handiwork on this colorful breakfast table by Aks and Articrafts. Place your order on their Facebook page and make it yours for Rs. 8,000. And the best thing about it is that each and every piece is unique because it’s hand painted by the talented artist behind the venture.

8000Make the most important meal of the day special!

This handbag from 9Lines

9Lines always come up with the boldest and quirkiest fashion pieces. Their products are mostly inspired by real life, and since food IS life (raise your hand if you agree!), you’ll find that they have the best fashion items for us foodies! We all know that watermelons are good for your health, but 9Lines has made it so that they can now be a refreshing addition for your wardrobe as well. Get this delicious Watermelon Bag for Rs. 2,600 and stay happy and fresh!

nine-line-2600Watermelon – you can eat it, you can drink it, and now, apparently, you can WEAR it too!

These table mats from Khaadi Home

Khaadi has to be everyone’s favorite one-stop-shop for all fashion needs! And now, with Khaadi Home, they have some of the most fun and colorful home improvement items on offer. We love these table mats available at Khaadi Home for Rs. 600 a piece. They are the perfect accessory to your dining table.

khaadi-mat-600eachNow your home can look just as fashionable as you!

This organic facewash from InstaOrganic

When we speak of fashion, we know that it’s just as important for your skin to look good as the clothes you wear. Now, imagine washing your face with strawberries — a fruit rich in Vitamin C — everyday! Sounds great doesn’t it? The InstaOrganic shop has done just that and put the goodness of strawberries in a bottle to make a fruity face wash. It’s available to order for Rs. 450 a bottle.

insta-organic-shop-450Standout like a strawberry in a bowl of peas!

We hope you liked our foodie fashion picks for the month of September! If anything catches your eye, or speaks to the foodie in you, let us know! Till next time!