Brrr. It’s that time of year again. Finally! We’ve been SO looking forward to rocking our winter wardrobes that are shown no love the rest of the year. We’ve also lined up our favorite foodie fashion items for your viewing pleasure. This month we’ve even included an item to help keep your lips moisturized without those nasty chemicals or artificial ingredients. In addition, we’ve included a pair of yummy chappals that you can rock even when it’s cold. So without further ado, let’s move on to our top picks for the month of November:

1. These trays from EWC Interiors

There’s one thing that just about every household has — the humble serving tray. You can find these in the market in all kinds of materials, ranging from plastic to silver, from glass to wood. It can be a challenge to get one in a style and shape that your phupho, chachi, friend or neighbor doesn’t already have. This is where the hand-painted wooden trays from EWC Interiors come in. Each piece is slightly different, making it truly unique; a great thing in our opinion! Have a look at these beautifully painted trays and tell us you don’t love them as much as we do. Prices start from Rs. 2,800, and orders can be placed on their Facebook page.


These are unique, indeed!

2. These sandals from Chapter 13

As soon as winters arrive, we’re forced to ditch our beloved chappals and sandals — but not anymore! These super cute chappals from Chapter 13 come with the promise of keeping you warm even during those chilly winter nights. OK, maybe not completely warm, but hey, there’s a teapot motif lodged on the chappal — and the thought of hot tea is sure to warm you up! It’s reason enough to wear them with confidence this season. Plus, they’re comfy as anything! A pair will cost you Rs. 3,950, and they’re available at L’atelie and Milli Shoes. You can also place an order online through their Facebook page, as well as from


Make your wardrobe cheerful with these colorful sandals!

3. This kehwa set from Cera-E-Noor

Cera-E-Noor has been around since forever, and there are many who’d vouch for the amazing quality of their products. Their kehwa sets come in many designs and each one of them is a delight to behold. And the best part is that they don’t cost as much as one would think; prices start at Rs. 1,600 for a complete set! So be ready for your fashionable guests this winter with these pretty porcelain kehwa cups which come with a matching tea pot and tray. The complete collection is available at their factory outlet in Hub, Balochistan, but they can also be purchased from most Pearl Continental hotels.


Who wouldn’t like being served tea in these?

4. This bag from 9Lines

9Lines always manages to come up with the most amazing pieces for food lovers like us, and this sunny-side up bag is no exception!It’s the best thing you can do for your wardrobe this winter! If you’re tired of being judged for having breakfast for lunch (or for dinner), then make a statement with this one! Place an order through their Facebook page or Instagram account and make it yours for Rs. 2,600!


Love eggs? Then this one’s for you!

5. This lip balm from Tangeloes

Tangeloes is a small business that makes organic products. Their lip balms are super moisturizing, natural and free of harmful chemicals. That’s why they’ve made our list this month with their Nutella-flavored lip balm! (!!!). It doesn’t just keep your lips moisturized but also gives you the feeling of having Nutella ALL THE TIME. What’s more, it’s priced at Rs. 100 only! Order yours from their Facebook page or visit Springs Mart and Neco’s in Karachi. Tangeloes also display their lip balms and other products at the Karachi Farmer’s Market every Sunday.


Isn’t life better with Nutella?

That’s all for this month, folks! We’d love to hear your thoughts on our foodie fashion selection. Happy shopping!