It’s true that “food is fuel for the body”, but for some it’s more than just a necessity. All foodies agree.

Now, who is a foodie, you may ask?

Foodies are people who see occasions to eat as cause for thought and celebration, not inconvenience. Merriam Webster defines a foodie as “someone who enjoys and cares a lot about food”.

So have you ever wondered if your favorite Pakistani celebrity was one? Well, speculate no more. After much research (it’s shocking to see how little people actually talk about food!), we have come up with a list of 10 popular celebrities who love their food!

1. Fawad Khan

This heartthrob, ranked 4th in Eastern Eye’s 2015 Sexiest Asian Men list, has an unusual taste in food. Fawad says his favorite dishes are sarson ka saag and, get this, karela (bitter gourd)!

NEW DELHI, INDIA - SEPTEMBER 15: Pakistani actor Fawad Khan pose for the profile shoot during the promotion of his upcoming movie Khoobsurat on September 15, 2014 in New Delhi, India. (Photo by Raajessh Kashyap/Hindustan Times via Getty Images)
We may not be a fan of his favorite food, but we wholeheartedly agree with Eastern Eye!

2. Mahira Khan

The slim and gorgeous star of ‘Humsafar’ may not look it, but she’s crazy about food. Her favorite thing to eat in the whole world is rice, and anything served with it. In an interview, she talked about how she eats “like there’s no tomorrow”, and loves eating “everything!”.

For Mahira, one of the highlights of visiting Mumbai for her upcoming movie was the food the city is famous for. She also told an Indian website that she “came with an agenda to gorge on street food, from vada pavs to dosas and the bhe’el”.

We know a foodie when we see one!

3. Ali Zafar

This ‘Rockstar’ is a self-professed foodie who has a weakness for good food. While he clearly takes care of his health, Ali also loves to eat aloo paalak (a spinach and potato curry) and Chicken Sizzler.

ali zafar
This ‘Superstar’ loves spicy desi food!

4. Ayesha Omer

In her own words, this ‘Khoobsurat’ star is a “huge foodie” who lives to eat.  Ayesha says that the highlight of her day is either planning meals or eating them, and that she usually eats 5 to 6 meals in a day!

This lovely star loves eating at Xander’s in Karachi!

Her favorite eateries are Karachi’s Rowtisserie and BBQ Tonight. She also loves burgers and Pizzas from Xander’s, karhais from Kolachi, the barbecue at Ghaffar Kabab House and haleem from Burns Road.

5. Syra Shehroz

This beautiful VJ, model and now actor, says she is addicted to food channels. While she claims not to have much of a sweet tooth, Syra says she loves chaats and all things sour and spicy. She’s also a huge fan of ‘slims’, those really spicy packaged potato chips every Karachiite grew up eating.

Apparently, Syra cooks really well too. Who would've thought?!
Apparently, Syra cooks really well too. Who would’ve thought?!

6. Sanam Saeed

This talented model-turned-actor is the star of ‘Zindagi Gulzar Hai’. Sanam says she is a pure desi at heart. Her favorite food is daal chawal, especially khatti dal with paapar. She’s also a fan of everything cooked by her mother and grandmothers.

Her guilty pleasure is the occasional helping of malai cheeni (cream with sugar)!

She can act like nobody’s business, model like a dream, sing like a nightingale AND can cook too!!

7. Mikaal Zulfiqar

Mikaal, known best for his work on the popular Ufone advertisements, says he loves eating so much that it gets difficult for him to keep his hands off of food. He says that even his most memorable moment is food related, when his mother cooked the best meal on earth for him during one Christmas.

He eats mostly healthy food, and includes a lot of fruit in his diet to keep fit!

8. Iman Ali

This stunning model and actor has a thing for pizzas, burgers, aloo kay parathay (potato-stuffed parathas), and Chinese food. She munches on chips for fun and “loves to eat karhai”. In an television interview, she once even shared the recipe for her favorite Balochi chicken karahi!

If looks could kill, someone would have collected A LOT of non-halal meat to sell by now!

9. Ayesha Khan

The beautiful Ayesha Khan gained fame at an early age through her role in the drama ‘Mehndi’. She is a woman of simple tastes; loves travelling and eating pasta and the good ol’ biryani!

Ayesha Khan loves hanging out at Espresso, Karachi!

10. Atif Aslam

Everyone’s favorite singer, Atif, like any other desi loves to eat anything cooked by his mother. His favorite cuisine is Chinese, though he loves eating bhel puri and pani puri!

According to Atif, if he wasn’t a singer, he would have been a cricketer (wonder if we would have loved him even more then? hmm.)

And, that’s a wrap guys!

We did a vote to see who should be titled our “Favorite Foodie Celebrity”. So far, it’s a tie between Ayesha Omer and Mahira Khan, who are both clearly as fond of food as we are of their charms!

Agree with our list? Who do YOU think is the biggest celeb foodies? Let us know.