Well, 2016 is over at last. And may the last day of this year go by without taking anybody else with it — please!!! It’s been a very eventful year; from politics to entertainment, almost everyday something has happened that has left an impact on our minds. Time seems to fly by nowadays and it seems to me that 2016 fast-forwarded by at twice the speed. The good news is that the year is almost over and one can hope and pray that the coming year will be better.


For me, the ideal way to spend the year is in the comfort of my own home and binge watch my favorite TV shows while eating to my heart’s content, because, well, it’s the beginning of a new year and that comes around just once a year, right?


Unrealistic New Year resolutions notwithstanding

I’m also very pumped about encouraging others to follow a more healthier diet.


And of course there’s that new year fitness resolution.


… and


And some more…


So here’s to a (hopefully) fantastic New Year! Lots of prayers for a peaceful and uneventful 2017.