There are times when I have to voluntarily trap myself in my studio to wait for inspiration, generate ideas, or to complete any existing project. During this time, inspiration and motivation are dependent on two things; colors and food. (Or was it colorful food?). I’m going to talk about my “musician cravings”, peculiar to my creative process while I’m in the studio (or when I’m generally creating music). Beware of an overly subjective style of writing with mild exaggeration.

1. Coffee

I use “coffee” here as an umbrella term to encapsulate a particular kind of craving that occurs at certain situations. An early morning recording or studio session asks for a simple black coffee. The heart warmingly bitter taste is just what is needed to get the mind working as well as be less sloppy while playing an instrument. Mid-days call for a latte, and feel like that friend who you just need to meet every day. That texture sprouts a certain kind of vivid simulations not otherwise possible otherwise. Oh, coffee!


2. DIY sandwiches

When experiments in the studio are not working out, I end up experimenting in the kitchen as well. A good old egg sandwich does the job most of the time, but if I find certain things in the refrigerator that are of my taste, I make an edible melody out of them. Who needs a recipe when you have creativity!

3. Nachos

The craving for nachos can be intense at times. One such time is right now, as I type these words. That crunchy triangular awesomeness dipped in cold salsa sauce in one bite, and with warm cheese in the next — I swear I can make a song out of that! But why do that when I can just dwell in it’s heavenly taste? It’s both the color and the taste of nachos that excites me. The change in texture in every bite and it’s effects are indescribable.

4. Namkeen lassi

I haven’t had a lot of lassi while making music, but I have always had music flowing in whenever I have. There’s just something about it that starts pumping some good beats in my head. Oh, lassi; is it my Punjabi blood or is it your magic? I often describe lassi as my “bass drink”. Want the sexiest and grooviest basslines? Get me lassi! Salty, not sweet.

5. Pizza

Sometimes I think that maybe pizza is a global conspiracy spun by the Illuminati. And I wouldn’t mind even if it was. Who doesn’t love it? Pizza is my best friend. Pizza is melody. Pizza is always in harmony. Pizza could be a genre of music. Pizza is symphony. Pizza is an instrument. Pizza is that missing link between an abstract idea and it’s physical manifestation. Pizza is an identity. Pizza is a choice made by the best. As cliche as it sounds, pizza is love.

I’ll just leave this here to describe what my words no longer can.


Let us know what you thought of our list, and tell us what’s your creative cravings are in the comments below!

Shaheer loves food - specifically pizza and anything that rhymes with it. He's a music producer from Islamabad who occasionally blurts out randomness on his Twitter.