So I was craving chocolate the other day and thus made doe eyes at my hubby dear to bring me my object of affection. And what was his response? “Milk chocolate will make u fat… eat a square of dark chocolate and you’ll be OK.” When did we start eating sweets because they were healthy!?!? Dark chocolate sucks, OK! Milk chocolate is perfect; it’s smooth, it’s chocolaty and it’s delicious.

So today I’m on a mission — I’m going to prove that milk chocolate is better than dark chocolate. (And if someone says it’ll make me fat… I’m going to eat that person too).

1. Someone (me) needed to speak up for milk chocolate. Dark chocolate has many spokespersons. But it’s curious how when it comes to binge eating, no one seems to be turning to the dark side…

2. Good quality dark chocolate is expensive, man! While milk chocolate is, well, cheaper… and tastes way better.


3. People say that dark chocolate is an acquired taste, but maybe it’s just your palate telling you that you don’t really want to eat this. Show of hands — how many of you ‘acquired a taste’ for milk chocolate?


4. By the way, I’ve tried eating dark chocolate. And every single time I feel the need to eat milk chocolate afterwards.


5. Bottom line: if you have a chocolate craving and you’re eating dark chocolate, well,  then you’re just showing off. And if, like me, you’re stuffing yourself with milky, gooey chocolaty goodness, let’s be friends.


So what do you guys think? Let us know which you prefer in the comments below!