Being a true chefling at heart, it is always a joy to cook and feed people. That smile spread on a loved one’s face when you serve them a plate of scrumptious food is the best feeling in the world, isn’t it? But having to cook meals twice a day, every day can be quite an ordeal at times. Especially when the entire house has decided to kick back at home for the winter holidays in full-on relaxation mode. Us girls need a break from cooking too, right?

Luckily we live in an age where food is literally just a few clicks (or swipes) away. So here we were, all sitting together over a cup of tea when my mom suddenly asks: “What are we having for lunch today?”. As usual, everyone in the room went blank before pondering over this mystery.

Naturally, we never came to a conclusion and a good hour went by before most of us started getting hunger pangs. It was then that I realized we should give mom a break and order in! It was Friday and the beginning of a well-deserved winter break for mom as well (she’s the principal at a local school). So we opened up Foodpanda (I was super curious about their discounts this weekend) and ordered this glorious box of wonder:

whatsapp-image-2016-12-23-at-4-00-36-pmChicken and Spinach pizza from Pizza Originale in Islamabad

The Chicken and Spinach Pizza from Pizza Originale is heavenly, and through Foodpanda, was being offered at an amazing discount! Good food tastes even better when there’s a great deal! Well, that’s what mom always says anyway. Our brain works in mysterious ways.

While ordering the pizza and going through the long list of restaurants that are offering yummy food at discounts of up to 80% (!!!), I am definitely tempted to order in the whole weekend and really give my mother a break from cooking. So listen up, cheflings! I suggest that you #DontCook and order in from this weekend and celebrate your winter vacations like a true foodie! Eat away!

Amina Mazhar

Ever since I was a kid, eating has been a hobby. Once I grew up, I started stepping into the kitchen more often. Although I love to cook everything but baking is something I am very passionate about. Its my therapy and it definitely takes me to my happy place. Ofcourse, this hobby of mine also caters to my hyper sweet tooth as well, which is an added bonus. Because baking is something that I have learnt from my mother so it has a very emotional value for me. Since times immemorial I have seen my mom experiment with baking in the kitchen, I like to believe she has passed that skill on to me as well (I know i can never surpass her awesomeness).