No one likes the beams of the sun to be at their peak. After all, it makes us sweat; thus making our lives a bit dire. Most of us are afraid of summers owing to that. Despite this, we eagerly wait for them. Why? Because of our love for the dearest mangoes. In our lives, we have hardly ever come across any person who says: “Eewwww! Mangoes? I hate them.” If you did, just ignore them, you don’t need that kind of negativity in your life.

Infinite welcoming-festivals: Mangoes have prevented people from totally hating summers. Despite the damn hot weather, they welcome it in the form of a festival. That festival is not for “summer”, but for “mangoes”. Mango festivals are organized across the globe. They are organized even in those nations who don’t have their own resources of mangoes but are forced (by their love for this heavenly fruit) to import it. In the list of those importers, our beautiful motherland is at the top. Tell us, which fruit is not available in Pakistan? From the meadows of Chitral and Swat to the “ideal” dry land of Multan, a voice echoes “all”. It will not be wrong to say that Pakistan is the “heaven of fruits” on Earth.

Image source: Dawn

There is a dire need to showcase this special fruit to increase its sale around the world. In Multan, since 2008, the mango festival to showcase the varieties of mango we have in the country. The mangoes from Multan are top quality, the best color, fragrance, and taste. Year after year, the festival has gained it’s popularity not just on the national level, but in the international market as well. Ambassadors of the countries from around the world participate in the mango festival. National and international food companies keenly attend the mango festival in Multan.

This year as well – in Multan: With being well known for its blue Ajrak, clay-ports & exquisite blue work upon them, Multan has recently managed to make it to the top organizers too – all because of it’s Mango Festivals. The city of saints welcomed mangoes this year as well.

The festival was held from 8th to 10th July 2017.

Here are the highlights of the festival:

  • A fully decorated hall, filled with the fragrance of mangoes (An instant uplift).
  • Almost 50 various varieties of mangoes.
  • The festival was an inauguration by the Australian High Commission, Pakistan, Margaret Adamson and Federal Minister for Food Security and Research, Sikander Hayat Khan Bosan.
  • Agriculturists from around the country attended the event.

Image source: Dawn 

  • Stalls serving mango dishes like mango salsa (Yummy!)

The Various varieties: Sindhis are crazy about Sindhri, and Seraikis are crazy about Chaunsa. For most of them, there exist only two types of mangoes. However, Multan Mango Festival every year introduces people to various varieties of mangoes, almost 50 types.

 In collaboration with whom:

The Mango Festival in Multan is always organized in collaboration with some embassy. Last year, it was the Australian Embassy and it’s lovely ambassador was the chief guest. However, this year, something very different happened. The Nawaz Sharif Agricultural University organized the event, and that is the reason we got to see lots of youngsters and students there.

What we bought:

Usually, at such kind of festivals, nothing is available to buy. At the gate, there is always a huge board that says “Not For Sale”. However, it was so hard for us to resist the excitement when we got to know that we could buy some mangoes as well. Sweet and yummy, each bite was heavenly.

There are not many special internationally popular events in Multan, not many festivals are held. Which is why the Mango Festival is a chance for Multanis to enjoy themselves and celebrate the favorite fruit of the nation.

Is it really OK now for us to say: “Multan Multan hay!”

A girl whose first and last love is food. She is on a mission to taste each and everything edible around her.